Summary: Logos goes after a giant spirit instead of the gang, and then…Fiona-sensei is not the nice blonde-bombshell teacher we all thought she was?


Let’s not fight amongst ourselves…what happens when testosterone fills the air? The Guardians take to one another, and…WHAT IS THIS, A GHIBLI-RIPOFF?!? There seems to be some kind of mistake. But unfortunately, this is Hiiro no Kakera, week 9, and another episode of the never-ending lunchtime. Listen to my tiny violin~

That is not a spirit of the forest. No, it is not speaking. I’m not in denial, no, I am not. I can’t believe they pulled that card out, but in a way, it makes sense. Since episode 1, it has been a rather irritating point, that in addition to worrying about the Logos breaking their kekai, or attacking them directly, there’s the overhanging question of how the spirits feel about it. The mountain seems to be a place of spiritual strength, and hence an apt location for the shrine, but that the same time, we were never really confronted with anything major from the area, other than the walking slime, and the odd fading spirit at Tamaki’s powers grow. It doesn’t seem happy with anyone, including the Guardians, which doesn’t help it when the Logos start wailing on it. It seems that the different groups in the story are no longer black or white, as the different sides face off in an effort to improve the chances of them surviving, what I assume to be, a war in the near future. Logos, other groups, the Tamayorihime will converge in a final battle, perhaps?

Persisting headache that Tamaki must bear seems to be tied not only to her growing powers, but the way that the Logos are attacking the areas of significance. However, despite the headaches, it doesn’t give the guardians much of an advantage, other than some general radar the Logos are up to something. Which is, like, all the time…? Useless as ever, sigh.

The wimpiest Guardian is somewhat useful, though. He’s the subtle type, so recon for him seems to be natural . The other five guys try to make the story limp along with their personalities, but it falls limp, and Shinji is the only one that really portrays the strategy that Tamaki wants, which is defensive (for the moment). He seems like the weakest dumpling out of everyone, but he really is reliable. I hope his thang with Mitsuru gets sorted out, they’re really cute together. >///< And she’s been waiting for him for AGES. GANBARE~~~</3

Division in the ranks: The Logos…have an upper organization? Who are they? What do they do? Are they just muscle for hire for other people?

And why is Inukai’s hand glowing?

YUUICHI x MAHIRO? Orrrr…just Yuuichi x taiyaki. XD