I sure hope there won’t be as many flashback in future episode as they were in this one. With the intro, the outro, the intro to the intro and all the flashback, the episode was closer to the 15 minutes of a One Piece than the 20 minutes of a regular anime. What was the point of having an hour-long special for the first episode if they are to compress every following episodes.

Having said that, the episode itself was really good. I like the epicness level of the show, it is not often that I see a show that I’m actually looking forward to every week. Most of the time I watch something and watch the next week just to waste some of my precious time, but in the case of Kingdom, I’m actually looking forward to watching the show…even if the animation is still awkward.

There are a lot of misunderstanding currently between the king and Shin, but it seems they are not soon to be resolved either since the king doesn’t seem to like the idea of explaining himself. After all it is way more fun to see everyone kill each other for no reason. He could have also helped Shin to defeat the assassin, since he had a sword and he was right next to him anyway, but I guess survival was never his intention it seems.

I don’t really like how the king seem so unenthusiastic about everything around him, he is the king of the nation, he doesn’t have to be so emo about it. Maybe if he wasn’t so focused on crying in his corner and being a nihilist his little brother wouldn’t be so inclined to kill him.

I never understood why country seemed to prefer having a child running the country instead of an adult. Maybe an Uncle or something should be in charge before the poor kid gets old enough, isn’t crazy that two brother that are not even 18 yet are plotting to kill each other?

In the end Shin was strong enough to defeat the assassin, but he didn’t simply defeat him, he overwhelmed him completely, it was kind of fun to see just how strong he fared against a real opponent. It seemed that even a child is able to defeat an expert assassin back in the day, it is kind of sad if you think about it.

Luckily for Shin someone had a better idea than to charge into an army with only 2 people, This little owl-girl might very well just have saved their lives. I’m not sure where this thing will go from now on, but it looks like they will be in constant escape from now on. At least now they found some girl to keep them company while they run like fugitive throughout the country.

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  1. Yalinin

    If memory serves me right, Alexander the Great came to power at the age of 16 and did exert considerable influence. Soon after he rose to power, he made it his policy to suppress the Greek revolts.

    In other cases, rulers did have to wait until they ‘came of age’. Hatshepsut ruled as a pharaoh because her nephew was too young.

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