The soundtrack in the recap of the episode is simply gorgeously amazing. This show’s soundtrack is by far better than the show itself, and the show isn’t bad either, but the soundtrack is simply amazing. I think the first 3 minutes of the show were my favorite, even though nothing new happened and it was only music over actions sequence, it was still much more addicting than the rest of the episode.

The episode itself was mostly made of gun shot, needle darts and explosions. There was not as much story as I would have liked, but I’m not sure why I even hope for a story propelled show with this. The only thing that comes out of the show are gunfight and statistical impossibilities. How come in a fight where they are outgunned 3 to one, on an hostile land, in the middle or at the very least near to ennemy headquarters, they still manage to kill everyone, while standing still without covers AND no one get a single bullet wound.

There is a limit to how good and how lucky some people can be, even if the opposing militia were composed of massive retard who takes 5 seconds to fire, they would still manage to kill at least one person during the length of that fight. Trained professional vs rookie or not, there is a limit to the difficult at firing a bullet a someone. I simply can’t appreciate something as impossible as what is shown in the show. I wish they would either have some cold logic for their survival in such odds, or maybe they had previously sold them shitty weapon. Yes those would be horrible excuses, but at the very least we would have some shitty excuses to explains this, instead of nothing at all.

One thing that I would consider awesome of the episode is the aftermath of all the shooting. To have Koko explain her philosophie of Arm dealing. How she has to chase dragon when they get too big even though she is the one that feed them  until they began that big to begin with. In the end, she is just as dangerous as everyone else herself and that realization was impressive, because it seems she is aware of that and that it is part of why she plans to live up to her ideals.

We also have a little more information for the first time about Koko’s father, while Gaspar seemed bad enough, even if we have no real information about Koko’s father yet, it seem he is one cruel arm dealer. Now is Koko trying to defeat him eventually? She doesn’t seem to like him much, if that means anything.

I guess we will have to wait for a new season before we get even close to obtain the answer to those question, such a shame.

ZeroG signing off