Medaka continues to fight Unzen, gaining the upper hand until she is caught by his reinforced invisible wire and is unable to move, leading Unzen to think he has won. Medaka ends up moving the entire school building in an attempt to continue fighting, though Unzen says that because no reform has taken place, she should consider it her defeat. Just as she is about to deal a final blow, the rest of the Student Council members restrain her and she switches out of War God mode immediately, thanking Unzen and leaving.

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The true implications of Medaka’s War God mode: once you strip her of her personality, all that’s left is just all that raw power, being taken out on Unzen in a momentary fit of anger. All that repetition of her being just a monster has finally hit home in some way – we already had an inkling when she was doing all those jobs from the suggestion box, but she’s closer to being non-human rather than human, and perhaps what Unzen said was right, that she doesn’t actually have many friends and feels isolated. It’s true that she’s well-liked by many students, but how many have actually tried to be her friend apart from the Student Council? Most probably feel that they can’t keep up with her, since she’s on a totally different level.

That said, the Student Council aren’t willing to quit at all, but were seriously brave to try and stop Medaka from outright killing Unzen. That whole moving-the-entire-school thing was scary…seriously, what’s going to happen the next day when loads of normal people turn up and see a site that looked like it was bombed or something? And when applying a lot of force, normal thin string already hurts. Imagine how painful going against reinforced Unzen-level string must be.

In the end, Medaka got her reform though in a slightly different way than intended. I doubt twisted people like Unzen change overnight, but he’s acknowledged defeat and even agreed to overlook their uniforms. Wait, was that how all this started? Seems like it was ages ago o.O Wow, talk about a situation going out of control…

I love how there were various references to the upcoming next arc (that isn’t likely to be animated unless we have a second season) including a flashback to middle school with “Born Loser” Kumagawa, and implications Unzen’s departure will have from the Thirteen Party. Gainax, you’re such a tease. Unfortunately, I have a bad feeling from the preview that we’re set to move backwards instead of forwards, and end the series on an anime-original ep where the Student Council solve something without the aid of Medaka. Sure, it sounds nice and all, but compared to the arc we’re just had, anything remotely normal would just be flimsy.