Enter the world of the Mafia with the romance of Kennosuke Tachibana….pro tip…it does indeed contain copious amounts of BUT DAD I WANT TO BE X THING THAT IS NOT THE MAFIA THUS JUSTIFYING MY LOVE FOR THIS SEXY MAMACITA




How do I put it? Kennosuke is dull. But I don’t mind dull, I’m a huge fan of Byakuya from Bleach who is as stoic as can be. But Kennosuke is the actuality of dull. He is not just quiet with an interesting and badass character behind it. There is a character behind it, mind you, it’s just not an interesting one.

You see, when stories are trying to tell you about being in a Mafia relationship, they don’t really think about it. If you enter into a relationship with the only son of a Mafia Leader, it’s likely you’ll be sucked into the mafia. Instead Kennosuke is the typical I WANT MOOORE idea and wants to be a baker. Yes, a pastry chef. And the idea here is that we’re supposed to believe this is possible.

this scene is admittedly sweet

On top of that, it’s supposed to be possible without Kennosuke ending up disowned.

I think that really, there’s nothing that great about the story. Because unlike the other stories where I believe in the affectionate and endearing stories, I don’t believe anything from this one. I don’t believe Kennosuke’s family will just accept him as a pastry chef if that’s what he really wants, not if they’re really in charge of the damn YAKUZA. I don’t believe Kennosuke loves you at all, and it’s hard to believe he’ll ever affectionately want to be with you.

With the other characters, there is a pivotal decision date moment that decides friendship and love. This one has it too, but there is a key difference. Kennosuke has the latest decision date I noticed, and that means that in about a weeks difference he’s supposed to go from love or friendship. I played both endings and the whole time I was like….bullshit, to the love ending. Seriously, it’s way too soon after the decision date and it really does not seem for real.

The one thing that saved me from hating this path utterly? The very cute keyword scene. The text on it was bleh, but the picture was nice. I don’t understand why Ren, Ryutaro, and Ayato’s keyword ends were just pictures of themselves. Essentially everyone else got really cute pictures of themselves plus the heroine, including Kennosuke….guh.

In anycase, definitely my least favorite route. At least the very close decision date made it an easier experience. But no…seriously…….his family is the fucking yakuza……why do
I always get gipped out of the potentially morally challenging loves of people involved in the underworld of our present society? ALSO I DON’T LIKE HIM …seriously though. PUNCH THIS ONE IN THE FACE.

Kennosuke Tachibana KeyWords: black cheese style

Oki’s Otome Rating of Loveyness: 5/10