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What? I had no idea that this season of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? had only 10 episodes, what a let down. The conclusion was not even close to conclude anything either. Ayumu lost his memories this episode and gained them back during the same episode. I really dislike the way this ends. The season was already not stellar, it isn’t helping that it finishes in a cliffhanger. When you have awesome shows, cliffhangers make certain that people will watch the next season, but this season of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? was simply not as good as the first. It lacked the epicness, the joke were not as original and funny.

But let me leave this kind of bitching for the final review, right now, we’ll go over this episode. If I forget about the whole Cliffhanger part, this episode was actually quite awesome. The very first part of the show which includes perverted slime is by far one of my favorite scene of the season. It was meaningless fanservice, but in a show like Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, it is exactly the kind of thing that I expect to happen. If it is meaningless, it is bound to happen.  I pretty much enjoyed seeing naked ladies during the show, it made my day a little better.

But while the ecchi was entertaining, I must say that it was nice to see everyone fight the many evils residing inside Ayumu, it was also fun to see our usual wimpy character be more of an asshole and have more self-confidence. When Ayumu became the master of sloth he really was something else, I must admit that I might even liked him better this way. I just love lazy people somehow, I appreciate their view on life. I wish we could have had a longer episode with Ayumu in that state of mind, he wasn’t even cruel, he did say he liked Eu, but he wasn’t such an indecisive bitch about it. When he is his usual self he wants everyone to love him and he cannot make a decision on whom to give his heart too, at least he was honest with everyone and himself when he was the King of Jerks. Sometimes it is  better to hurt the people around you by telling the truth, instead of constantly hurting them by hidden your feelings and emotions.

All in all it was a solid episode, but it was in no way worth the title of last episode of the season, I was expecting something more epic than that and even more randomness, but we weren’t shown any of that, I am quite disappointing in this show second season. The final impression won’t be beautiful, I can say that much.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Vantage

    I agree. It would have been a great episode 10 out of 12, or OVA, but it was a flimsy final ep. There wasn’t much point in introducing Nene, and nothing about Chris was resolved either. We got a cameo by another blonde loli much like how Chris was there at the end of Season 1 though, so this might hint at a 3rd season.

  2. KashZero

    seriously??Final Episode…i thought it should be 12 episode atleast..and the storyline don’t make sense at all..new character appear and end?
    This season suck..

  3. Mekem

    Keep your eyes peeled, the makers of the show said they were going to have a “special announcement” soon.

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