“This is Japanese lunch time rush!” – Kagami


Seriously beat up because of the practice match with Kaijo High, stress is seriously seen in every Seirin Basketball team members. And because everyone is so beat up, the manager decided to increase their stamina but the date says its bread time. The senpai asked the first years to buy certain bread that sells in specific days.

All of them had a hard time. Well, except for one person, who actually had no problem at all on getting one. Then, resumes their training for the preliminaries which starts a match with Shinkyo which has Papa Miyabe Shiki who stand for two meters and is from Senegal.


The humor on the first part of the episode is seriously epic, especially on Kagami’s case. The effect of the practice game and the “Japanese lunchtime rush” quote that he is describing on the bread-buying. Still, humor is the best selling part of the series as well, anyway.

Of course, the first team actually just underestimated Seirin because they “have a child on it” as Papa would put it but that made Kuroko really, really, seriously mad even though I am sure he is showing his usual face.

When I thought about the title, I was expecting the seniors saying something to their freshmen but in the end, it was Kagami who said those two things with their first preliminary opponent.