“No puzzles for you guys!” – Nonoha Itou


Their confrontation with the Orpheus Order made the group so exhausted that some of them are saying that they couldn’t take to solve another puzzle anymore. Or so Nonoha would think as well as she accepted the thought literally and told the group to stop solving puzzles for a moment and just have fun like normal high school students. Then later, Elena, as she transferred herself to Root Academy where the group goes to school, offered a good vacation for them and with their friends to an island resort of POG.

Sad for Nonoha who is actually a member of a few – well, few they may say it- clubs, she has to participate first before going with them. So the group went on ahead. Elena bans the group to do any puzzles. She also locked the puzzle room in order for them not to touch puzzles which made the children of the Phi Brain insane and see everything as a puzzle when they were desperate. Elena, knowing that she can’t separate the guys from puzzles, at all, decided to allow them to convert the Camp into a Puzzle Camp which Nonoha was so angry about when she arrived.

Jealous on how everyone is so enthusiastic with puzzles, Nonoha decided to solve puzzles as well but for her to think logically was impossible. Although Elena was shocked when she was able to solve already-seen puzzles in a flash because of her good memory but that’s her limit. Even though Elena already told her that solving puzzles is not really the requirement to be able to be with the guys, she still wanted to solve at least a puzzle before the camp ends.

Nonoha, then, locks herself into her room to solve one puzzle. By then, everyone from the group has been going on their ways and was completely a mess. Still, even after the camp was over, Nonoha couldn’t solve the puzzle but then later finds out a better role for her to stay with the guys.


I love the humor in these two episodes and I seriously couldn’t handle my laughter for the guys’ reactions towards Nonoha’s words that no puzzles allowed were so hilarious. Good thing that Sunrise managed to get back a few puzzles worth from the previous episodes because there were tons to see on these two episodes.

What I like very much about these episodes was the bond of each characters and their connection with puzzles. Also, their characteristics towards puzzles are seriously beyond normal. Also, the end of the day ended up with Nonoha’s feeling of being outcasted but still she was special and holds a really nice role to the group. It was such a wonderful episode!

Even I would punch Nonoha for not solving at least a puzzle but I credit her persistence towards her decision to at least solve one. I was thinking that maybe, Nonoha will be better than Kaito if ever she trained herself with puzzles but I guess not. Haha


Overall, it was such an entertaining two episodes. So the next episode is actually a good one.