“I must find Hisoka and return the favor.” – Gon Freecss


After getting Killua from the Zoldyk Family house, they started their journey together. Due to Gon’s plan to find Hisoka and must return the favor that he owes him during the Hunter exam’s third phase (chasing applicants and stealing tags), Killua ended up with a good plan. With them having no more money to buy food and to pay for rents to stay in, and for Gon to must train in order to get better to be able to land a punch on Hisoka, they decided to go to Heavens Arena.

Heavens Arena is a tower where people battle out with the others in order to prove they are the strongest. Well, most people do so and some fights for money since you win an amount of money whenever you rank up a floor, they say. The two kids tried out and apparently, winning fights with only one steps in the ring, knocking down the opponent, and getting money every day until they’ve reached floor 150s where it’s already certainly hard to win especially to the two who doesn’t know anything.

Hisoka, who was already there when they find out later, warns them when they’ve reach the floor and the two of them decided to train harder. With the help of Wing, who was Zushi’s master, they were able to learn another kind of fighting which everyone in the floor hundreds are already using. The two trained together with Zushi, whom they have met during their -100 floor fights.

The two characters have met some foes on their way as well especially those fighters who are taking light opponents for granted and using some dirty tricks in order for them to become a floor master (which you can be considered as the floor’s strongest fighter and earn more cash). That plan didn’t really succeed because of the kid’s tremendous development through months of training.

Of course, the most awaited fight, Hisoka vs. Gon, happened.

[spoiler]Gon did land a punch on Hisoka but still, Hisoka won their match and as the promise they made during the hunter exam, Hisoka retrieved the tag that he gave to Gon. Also, Wing told Gon that he successfully passed the Hunter Exam where learning Nen (the new battle style) was the secret phase and that Kurapika and Leorio also are doing fine.[/spoiler].


First of all things, I LOVE HISOKA’S VOICE ACTOR, damn it. It was because of Hisoka that I am watching this thing again. No, I’m only kidding although I am a fan of his so, yeah. XD

This arc really shows how the two young kids developed their already-amazing-talents and became even more amazing and cute at the same time. I seriously love MadHouse’s animation style for this. They made the two kids even more adorable than they already are. Plus, the fighting scenes were seriously very awesome and not really boring because of awesome camera motion and effects. But they should have left the blood as red liquid rather than shinning pixie dust. Lol

Episode 36 was really entertaining. Especially the Gon x Hisoka Fight which was actually the best fighting scenes so far. For Gon to have developed so much and for Hisoka who’s a real genius magician fighter to spar with each other on the ring in an official battle was so tense and cool and funny as well.

hGon’s humorous character never failed in serious matter that even if he was fighting with Hisoka, he would still be the innocent little child you knew. Still that made everything so perfect.

Apparently, there wasn’t really much shown development on Killua’s case but for him to be able to make water taste like honey was just too daring, as I find the ability to do so. I also find some hint of insecurities in Killua’s side but thinking that he was just respecting Gon so much, I find him so adorable.

After giving back Hisoka’s tag, Gon decided to go home to Whale Island and Killua decided to tag along too.