Kuroko no Basket Episode 5 -  (52)

“You’ll always stand by the light. That’s your basketball.” – Kagami Taiga


The Kaijo versus Seirin practice match ends with a big surprise to Kise with Kaijo losing by two points against Seirin. Not only that, onother member of the Generation of Miracles, “Midorimacchi”, as he being called by Kise, shows up saying about Kise’s play and his play, in a weird way.

While Seirin’s been busy celebrating their victory against Kaijo – which was impossible in the first place – Kuroko left in the middle of the steak-eating promo with Kise to talk. Kise, had the chance to ask Kuroko why did he left the Teiko Basketball Team after the Championship and joined a school such as Seirin.


You have no idea that this is actually one of the few episodes that I REALLY like in Kuroko no Basket. Well, not to mention that every episode is really interesting but since this episode shown me something that I had been dreaming all along, it rather landed on my favorite episode list.

Kuroko no Basket Episode 5 -  (17)
This crying Kise is just….ugh… C’mere, baby, let Linzz hug ya tightly. /o/

Kaijo lost against Seirin with score: 100 – 98 which made our model basketball player, Kise, cry with manly tears. Sure Kise, a member of the Generation of Miracles, a player with far more beyond skills than any other person among his team, must have some issues regarding on accepting defeat. But the way he cried unconsciously made all the fangirls go “kyaaaaa” all over him on that very moment. It’s true that Kaijo is more superior when it comes to talent and skills from Seirin but that doesn’t kill the fact that Seirin still has a chance, no matter how small it can be, to win against Kaijo and for this episode, that chance was something that was used to defeat them in a mere practice match. It was just a practice match but for Kise, every match has to be their victory. It has been like that ever since their days back during junior high, obviously, when Teiko was winning every match they encounter. But the truth is, Kaijo’s captain sure is sick. To be able to comfort Kise in such a way – cuter than those I had imagined – was really great of him. I could ship these two anytime, by the way. XD

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So let us tackle the other member of the Generation of Miracles – Midorima – which is, I suppose something got to do with his hair color (since Midori = green, well, all of the main characters are named that way anyway). Well, he believes that all humans got to do is work hard and leave the rest to God and good luck. He bandages his fingers and at the same time, looks up to horoscopes so much and brings this weird stuff which is stated to be a “lucky item”. Okay, he’s another weird man on the boat but Kise sure looks up to him for naming that he’s the number one shooter of the Generation of Miracles. Its okay, since everyone is weird in this show anyway it’s not that he’ll stand out too much. He’ll just be on the time he’s gonna be serious on court.

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This guy and his froga-doodle-doo is just scary.

While the party went on to celebrate their victory against Kaijo – even though it’s just a practice match – they realized that their team can be even stronger. Well, with proper training and such. Plus, they don’t have any money to even celebrate at all and thus, Riko, with her awesome mind flow decided to take on the steak challenge that she saw in an instant – making everyone suffer to finish a large steak within 30 minutes – not that it was really a challenge to our dear Kagami anyway.

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This face is REALLY dangerous.

During the steak battle, Kise invited Kuroko for a little chat and took the chance to ask Kuroko why he left Teiko after the championships. Kuroko flatly answered he’s not sure himself but for one thing: he hated basketball during that time. I personally understand what he meant after what Kise said about “sports are all about winning” and stuff. Teiko was a strong team and loosing was never an option to them. With exceptional talents such as Kise and other five members with far more superior talent than Kise, as he said so himself, it was only natural that they’d win almost every match. But then Kuroko sensed something that they are lacking – not knowing what it is and trying to search what it was, he found Kagami and that gave him a small hint to the answer that he’s looking for. Just right to burst that tiny bubble, Kise told Kuroko that Kagami has some exceptional potential in him and then one day, he’ll bloom into a tremendous basketball player and will have the skill and talent good enough to separate him from his teammates and that they will part ways soon. It’s true that one day, Kagami will develop that said potential and he’ll become a good basketball player one day but Kise missed one thing here: the other players in a team also has their own potential and can be better with their own ways as well. Not only Kagami can be better but everyone, including him too, as well. The problem with Kise in this is that he just thinks of those who have superb talent differently when compared to the other players – which is a bad habit of him.

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Badass trio is badass!!!

Now, we go onto my favorite part. The part where I loved this episode to the bones. The Kuroko x Kise x Kagami tag team, KKK. LOL You see, my ultimate dream is to see all of my favorite characters play in one game – just a friendly game. And and… you see, Kuroko then Kise and then Kagami playing together to beat up some thugs through basketball is just one awesome sight to have! I felt like crying after seeing those three play together and they get to play so well as well. Ahhh… damn. XD Well, it’s also a good thing since Kise, by far, learnt something after that small game. Perhaps the answer he needed from Kuroko – which he hasn’t mentioned.

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