“Wait, when did this show end?”

…When the episodes stopped airing, I guess?

I didn’t know this show was over until nothing else aired after the last one, about 4 weeks ago… That just goes to show how much of an ending it was.

Type: TV
Animation Company: Takeshobo
Genre: Comedy, School, Seinen
Episodes: 26
Personal Rating: 6.5/10



What can a show give us in 3 minutes: Humour.
What did Recorder to Randoseru fail at giving us enough: Humour.
Although a few episodes made me laugh, I can’t say there was enough funny moments in the show for me to seriously laugh my head off, and it failed to to its job as a flash anime. The concept was great, the ideas were there, but developing them well enough to make this a good show wasn’t something the producers focused enough on.
Also, I thought I should mention how terribly redundant the first half was… The second half redeemed itself, however in the end it still wasn’t enough to make me forget how annoying it was to see Atsushi get arrested by the cops for the nth time.




looooooooong siiiiiigh

I don’t even feel like mentioning them. Atsushi was overused, Atsumi was underused, Sensei was hot and had big boobs and Take-Nii never has a face. Sayo had some kind of personality, I mean she had a crush on someone, but hey, in the end she was just an idiot who couldn’t understand that she was hitting on her best friend’s younger brother.
…Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. But you get the point. Basically, having Atsushi and Atsumi as the 2 main characters ended up failing, since Atsushi had the spotlight most of the time. This caused redundancy, and since Atsushi didn’t actually have much personality in the end the concept got overused pretty quickly, while Atsumi had a bunch of possible air-time but never actually had it. My guess is that the producers didn’t have any more ideas for Atsumi, whereas it was easy to find funny stuff for Atsushi…
In the end though, I guess Sayo brings up this category a little bit more, since she was the only plotline in the show and the only character who had decent content to her.




The art was prettyyyyyyyy!
I can’t go against pretty art… Or against the ED. Both the art and the OST were really good, the voice acting was decent and in terms of quality, this show was pretty nice to watch and to listen to. Forgetting what the show is actually about, I was happy with the technicalities of it. The only thing I’d be a little bit against would be the actual animation, but then again that’s only ’cause I’ve seen better. Everything was quite good :3



Overall Impression

Blehhhh… It’s short. If you ever have an hour to waste, go ahead! But despite it being good (or brief) enough that I actually watched and blogged the whole thing without dropping it, it remains an average show. There are much better shows which showed up this season, and I wouldn’t recommend this one out of all of them.