Medaka Box Episode 10: War God Mode

Medaka Box, now with 100% more violence.


After Zenkichi mentions to Yobuko-senpai how Medaka was saving them but instead the other way round, Unzen visits the Student Council office and berates Medaka’s way of life, throwing balls full of explosives to the floor and denotating them, blowing off a good chunk of the school building. In that time, Medaka had managed to lessen the blast’s impact as well as roll the rest of the Student Council into a rug and jump out, leaving no-one harmed. Angry at Unzen’s attempt to kill her friends, she transforms into War God Mode and proceeds to beat the hell out of him.

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War God Mode! Non-manga readers, I bet you weren’t expecting that, were you? I’ve seen it in the manga before, but it was never coloured, so I had no idea Medaka’s hair turned pink xD Monster seems to be a strangely appropriate term for Medaka that anyone would agree with after seeing this, since her personality is completely different, and has no qualms with beating the crap out of Unzen (dump truck levels, apparently) whereas her past exploits have always been to change humanity and see their best points. Once Unzen seriously makes a proper attempt at killing the Student Council members, it’s apparent that even Medaka has a a breaking point. Middle school must have been a blast for Zenkichi and co though, what with Medaka having gone War God back then and Akune ruining people’s lives.

Like with how we got introduced to someone actually dangerous last episode, this time we’re seeing actual violence, with an actual possibility of getting killed. I’m never going to stop being impressed with Medaka’s inhuman abilities, and it seems like her latest one is somehow managing to dampen some of the gunpowder, kick some of the other balls out, roll people into a rug, withstand that blast and still come out unharmed. Gainax made their first change from the manga here though, in which Medaka put Zenkichi and co in a locker instead of a rug. I suppose it’s more believable when animated, as the building did fall apart.

What was interesting was Medaka’s values and her line of thinking – that she was born to help total strangers and that people only have good sides. Unzen made the fatal mistake of thinking that she herself thought she was perfect, when in fact she’s very much conflicted about herself and her ideals, and decides to show him exactly why she isn’t a saint. Next week, this show will make it very clear why the manga’s serialized in Shounen Jump.

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