I’m much confused right now, What exactly happened between Luffy and Jimbei? Jimbei looks like he took a beating but the straw hats are nowhere to be found. Was there even a fight between the two? Obviously we will only know the answer to those questions in a future episode where they’ll flash back what happened. But it is a little confusing and frustrating to have this whole confrontation skipped after they waved it in our face for 3 episodes straight ! Such teasing is unacceptable, Please save me from my suffering !

Meanwhile in what was actually shown this episode, The Prince were so badass, at least for the minutes that they were not knocked out.   They busted through the gate and came with all their great speech, defeating the Sea Monsters. It was really inspirational. But in the end they didn’t manage to get even close to the strength of one of Hody’s Lieutenant, let alone Hody himself. At least now they are reunited with their father, they did manage to do that much.

Speaking of Hody, I think now he is at a power level high enough to be a worthy opponent for Luffy…finally. Up until now that whole revolution was a pure jokes compared to the strength of the Straw Hat, but now at least they will have opponent worthy of their strength. I simply can’t wait to finaly see them in a real combat after the 2 years breaks. Long have we waited, I think it is time that we stop the flashback and we get into the real action soon. Even if we still don’t have a clue to what happened to the straw hat I’m sure they will all show up just before the time limit and they will beat the crap out of their opponents…as usual.

There was one thing I had some issue during the episode, the Sea Monster had some very variable size. If you take a look in those shot right here:

The King is but a fraction of the size of the beast, yet when he is chained up in the courtyard, their relative size change quite a bit.

It kind of bugs me when things like that happens, those inconsistencies just ruins it a little for me. I want to know the real size of those creatures ! I don’t care what she says, Size does matter! The Prince were able to easily defeat them, so obviously they were not as big as the one the Princess called back in the day, since those were the size of the Island. But they were still big enough to squish a good amount of soldier.

Either way, next episode it seems we will be presented with another couple of Fishmen failing to defeat Hody, hopefully at some point we will have some real fighting going on.

ZeroG signing off