Furuya is taken to a location within the Sanka mansion where he meets Rea’s stepmother, Aria. She reveals the past of Rea’s father Dan’ichiro as well as her own former life as a maid vying for his attention to marry into the Sanka family. Furuya is then wheeled over to another room to meet Dan’ichiro, where all of Rea’s naked pictures are framed on the wall.

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Oh boy. So we finally get some light shed on Rea’s pedophilic father Dan’ichiro. It’s these kinds of people that I think “wow, they were once kids?” and never believed they were, but I think at a certain time Dan’ichiro used to be a normal child. A high-class social reject with a stick up his ass, but still with a normal frame of mind. I don’t think he’s had it easy at all – people are trying to suck up to him, from his maids who want a higher standard of living to his sponsors, who want him to win so they can save face.

When he finally fell in love however, I was approving of his morals and unwillingness to let himself get pushed around by his family, thinking he wasn’t so bad after all. I even felt pity for him when his and his wife died and his health declined. That said however, there was no need for obsession to such levels for Rea, and casting everyone else away just to preserve the image of his late wife in his mind. It was not a love from a father to a daughter, it was an obsession for her physical state and resemblance to his wife. Somewhere in there, Dan’ichiro knows Rea is not his wife but his daughter, but cannot accept that and acts the way he does. I understand he feels pain, but there’s no way I can forgive him because of the extent of control he’s held over Rea.

He was unwilling to let go, and thus everyone around him suffered – including himself, in which his sanity has gone to the point of falling beneath social standards. Rea is the most obvious victim here, but we also have her stepmother, Aria. Originally being a maid that wants to marry Dan’ichiro for his money and status, I think at some point that actually became real love – even after marrying him, she still wants yet doesn’t get not necessarily the sex, but also the attention and care that being married should offer. For god’s sake, they didn’t even go on a honeymoon! The result is a person that drinks away her sorrows all day, wondering why people would rather fuck a zombie than her, even when she pushes her boobs onto Furuya. Past the surface, it’s really unclear whether psychologically, her situation now or back when she was a maid is the better one.

Enough about them, that kind of backstory is depressing. I wonder what Rea’s father has to gain by showing Furuya his naked pedo collection, but that might be just to psych him out while they prepare for their real confrontation. He can’t do much while tied up after all. By the way, isn’t kidnapping illegal?