So much for saving the island.


1) The Neptune army comes to the rescue, then dies.
2) The Princes come to the rescue, then get captured.
3) Shirahoshi and Jimbei come to the rescue, and get captured.
My, what incompetent fools.
Following this, Hordy brings out his “Anti-Strawhat” backup, which consists of 70,000 humans and 30,000 fishmen. Madam Sharley then appears, telling Hordy that he isn’t the one who will destroy the island, causing him to table flip and knock her out with one “Water Drop” attack. After this, he starts a speech to show how powerful he is, and eventually satisfies his attention-seeking complex with the statement that he is the one who killed Otohime.
This causes Shirahoshi to start getting mad, however she admits to everyone that she already knew it wasn’t ahuman who killed her mother.
Meanwhile, Vander Decken has decided to throw a shi that’s half the size of the island at Shirahoshi. That way, he’s certain NOT to miss.
Alright, so it’s to be expected, but it seems like every fishman on the island is absolutely terrible at defending against revolutions. It’s kinda sad, considering every single person who was there to help is now captured and hanging on a stick, but we all know it’s the Strawhats who will kick ass anyways, so I guess it doesn’t matter too much.
What happened to Luffy and the others in the end? I’ll be honest, I have NO idea. They’ve probably started moving… Well, I sure hope so, because the island is definitely in trouble. With everyone captured and the Noah moving towards Shirahoshi, things can get very dangerous and I can’t wait until someone comes in and actually saves the day unlike everyone else.
Ignoring all the other weak people, as a person who hasn’t shown up in a while, Madam Sharley sure made a good comeback, and she was pretty much the only one who was super awesome in this episode. Hordy was so mad when she told him he wasn’t the one who was going to destroy Fishman Island. I mean, it’s obvious that he won’t, but he didn’t know that yet, so for him to be really pissed off was quite funny and enjoyable to watch. In your face, asshole.
As for the revelation, I’ll be honest, I knew from way back that it wasn’t a human who killed Otohime. What was quite surprising to see though was to see Shirahoshi admit that she knew already, and I’m really curious to know why. That Princess is so damn badass, and I’m assuming sooner or later she’ll be calling the Sea Kings on everyone else because she’ll have a raging fit. Hordy isn’t too smart, provoking her and all…
I kinda wish the Strawhat crew would show up next episode… But of course, they won’t… Because One Piece is that slow… sigh