Easily the saddest saddest story of this whole game OH GOD WHY


Ayato is introduced as a popular flirt, the 5th most popular boy in school to boot. At first he just seems to be overtly nice and a little sickly. Well, because I actually wanted his good ending I decided on the friend ending first, and it seemed pretty normal. He’s very nice, and the cultural festival seems pretty nice. To get the friend ending you simply choose to buy treats with him instead of without him


If only I knew the difference it would make.


Ayato goes to the hospital around Christmas, and he’s made friends! He invites you to Christmas and you get to hang out with one of his friends- a boy with the same disease. You have a great time and then you come back later to a discouraged Ayato- his friend with the same disease has been released from the hospital. Ayato has been discouraged thanks to this. Poor Baby! I thought. How sad for Ayato! I thought. i had no idea my soul cried Then you get to the end…..

Ayato brings you flowers….but then you ask later, and you force it out of Sensei…..it turns out, Ayato’s disease is seriously and it’s likely he’ll die from this disease. So he gave you a bouquet of beautiful flowers….and then leaves forever.


I went back. I chose to buy Ayato snacks instead of buying them with him…..I came back and he was gone. And then ….then I saw it for my damn self.

Ayato is a damn liar. He lies to you, he lies to his friends, and he does it to protect them and keep them safe. You especially……but when you catch him coughing up blood he can’t lie anymore. He’s honest with you. When he’s in the hospital his friend doesn’t get released, he dies. The boy you celebrated Christmas with the day before is dead. And Ayato knows he could be next. It takes a car accident and almost losing *you* to make him think about it….and guys I can’t and won’t lie to you here. This path was seriously thrown at us girls to make us sad. There is no deep process here – you work hard and show a dying man a year of change and it wins his heart. I sincerely believe Ayato doesn’t give two shits about your weight, instead he believes in you and you stand beside him even though he could die, and even though you saw another girl lose the one she loved to the disease.


There is nothing to this story but love, which is why it’s not in my top 3. There’s nothing to analyze. It’s just beautiful and makes me have tears. Play this one….and use my keywords….so that you won’t cry….like Oki did.

Oki’s Otome Review of Woobie Sadness Rating: 7/10 on the make Oki cry scale

Ayato Kamishiro Keywords: phone Christie pastel

one of my favorite kiss scenes though


Use them damn you! So he can LIIIIIVE… *bursts into tears*

On that note these updates will definitely continue, but I’m going on a vacation for a week. When I return look forward to an update to Mysterious Girlfriend X, as well as a review of the Ichinose Ren route! <3