Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep 9: Shadow Yuuko



Yuuko has returned to her normal self, but is experiencing new emotions that she hasn’t felt prior to her amnesia, including jealousy, loneliness and anger. Meanwhile, Kirie is seeing Shadow Yuuko around more often, however Yuuko has no memories of her other self, leading Kirie to think that she has excised those memories similar to how she used to have no memory of Teiichi. When Teiichi returns to school after classes out of worry for Yuuko, they are confronted by Shadow Yuuko, and cannot leave the school grounds.

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This “new” Yuuko is fine too. She’s actually nearly the same as before except now with other emotions that make her more…well, human – which is good for her personality though I don’t know what this means for her shadow. It definitely gave me a shock when she randomly slapped Kirie, which was something the old Yuuko would never have done. I’m sure she would have gotten embarrassed with either personality, just a lot easier this time round.

Doesn’t she remember all the times she perved up to Teiichi? If she doesn’t, then I don’t know how far her memories have actually fully returned, given that she doesn’t remember Shadow Yuuko, her past that she uncovered with Teiichi or anything to do with pushing him down the stairs. It’s almost as if her personality has been partially given back, and Shadow Yuuko wants to complete the rest.

If that’s all she wants, then Shadow Yuuko is sure doing it in a roundabout way. It’s also possible that she might want revenge, since she’s the manifestation of all the emotions Yuuko felt when she was sacrificed to calm the plague, and can’t forget it all since that’s all she is. She mentioned something about loving Teiichi as well, which seems reasonable if they’re the same person.

Whatever it is, she’s a nasty piece of work, and I can’t help but wonder what Yuuko’s personality would be should the two merge. Depending on how bad those emotions were, if it’s returned there’ll be a lot of psychological damage, and it’s probably really bad if her mind made her forget it on purpose. We’ll be seeing exactly what happened to her now that Teiichi’s bumped into Shadow Yuuko – and I doubt it’s gonna be pretty.

  • Yuuko and Teiichi not being able to leave the school building was scary. Reminded me of one of those time/space loop things xD
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