“You know, don’t you, Mariko-sama. You know why Acchan disappeared.”


Tsubasa announces that all the idols are heading to Atamistar for a gravure photo shoot, something which Makoto finds alarming due to her not-so-amazing diet recently. As Makoto and Suzuko struggle to improve Makoto’s appeal, Yuuko confronts Tsubasa over the secrets regarding the Center Novae and the mysterious graduations of all the past centers, stating that she will realize her dream of becoming the next Center Nova.  Tsubasa later asks Mii-chan, revealed to have been the photographer in secret, however Mii-chan refuses to tell her and aims to stop the revival of the Center Novae position in any way she can.

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Amongst all the fanservice presented from the gravure photo shoot, there were some not-so-underlying revelations to the plot in terms of the Kirara, Center Novae and what happens to them after they graduate, though we might have actually been set up to ask more questions than we’ve been given answers to. Now that there’s no more Aquarion for Kawamori to focus on, let’s see AKB step it up a little xD

Moving away from the drama with Takamina and Kanata (though Takamina did get a cookie full of adoration and love) I’m glad that we’re focusing on some of the characters who have yet to be hit by the spotlight – namely Makoto and Suzuko. I took Makoto and her constant pessimism over being “normal” to be a jab against how everyone expects idols and celebs to be absolutely perfect, and kick up a shit storm whenever an incident happens that puts them under public scrutiny. That said, it’s true that some celebs represent everything that’s wrong with the Western world. As Suzuko said, Makoto is nice the way she is, and shouldn’t really worry that much about being slightly chubby. What happened to her chest was hilarious though xD

I knew Atamistar sounded familiar when Tsubasa/Mariko-sama mentioned it! It was mentioned in passing in Ep 5, where Yuuko said that there were sightings of a former Center Nova, Mii-chan there. And though I didn’t guess it until I saw the diamond mark in her eyes and hair, it’s interesting that she’s still around, now a photographer. It seems her disappearance after being Center Nova wasn’t like what happened to Acchan, since Mii-chan ran away – but she still probably saw the same thing that all the centers see; something that made a talented and passionate idol like Acchan leave for the “people waiting” for her. I know Yuko is just as passionate about becoming Center Nova and achieving her dream, but I have a feeling that it’s not something nice awaiting her, if former centers like Mii-chan are trying to stop people finding out.

Then we have Nagisa returning to the spotlight, who fans (including myself) think is a strong contender to become the next Acchan. While what Chieri said about her Kirara glowing when near Nagisa is true, I believe it’s the combined presence of them both that gives off the idol’s resonance. Chieri herself has become less arrogant and more friendly towards the kenkyuusei, which may have been a positive side-effect from being around Nagisa. I don’t know what Tsubasa is trying to do by getting proof of the Kirara’s glow around those two (specially hiring Mii-chan to do it), but it might be going too far to say that the photo shoot was set up just for that.

  • NagiChie. Oh my god, it’s official now xDD There’s YuuOri too, apparently. They should really make a TakaKana…or is it Kanamina?

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  1. Aitakatta

    “Chieri herself has become less arrogant and more friendly towards the kenkyuusei, which may have been a positive side-effect from being around Nagisa.”

    Well, she never was arrogant really. Aloof and stoic, and even cold sometimes, definitely, but she never bragged about her skills and talents or anything like that. In fact, the way she behaved when she was told she would be Yuuko’s under showed she’s actually a pretty humble person.

    But you’re right that she became more friendly with the others, although I think it has more to do with Kanata than Nagisa. That heart to heart about Chieri’s family really helped to lift some weight from her shoulders.

    I do think kirara doesn’t glow for Nagisa alone but for the both of them when they’re together. Micchan says so herself too: “these two have quite the glow, don’t they”

    On the other hand I’m a little worried about Tsubasa. I got the feeling that for the purpose of finding out what happened to Acchan, she would be willing to use/sacrifice Chieri and Nagisa. I hope I’m wrong but…

    1. Vantage

      Chieri described herself as arrogant while on the bridge – she was referring to that scene back when she first met Nagisa, and said: “I’m going to be hard to beat”. But definitely, she’s gone through a lot of development and is now a much nicer person 🙂

      Yeah now that you mention it, Tsubasa’s willing to go to huge lengths to find out about Acchan – even throwing away her idol dream and becoming AKB staff. If she brings back the center position and makes Chieri and Nagisa a double center (like the OP hints) she could very well just be using them for her own purposes…

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