Still at the plaza, it is time for Shirahoshi to explain how she already knew about the origins of her mother’s killer! It turns out that Megalo, who’d seen everything, told her about it in secret a few years later.With this truth, Shirahoshi decided to honour her mother’s last words and not to tell anyone so that no one will have a grudge against Hordy.

The pose says it all. That was awesome.

Following this, Hordy laughs it off and decides to end the King’s life before the appointed time, which causes everyone to freak out and to call out for Luffy to destroy the island now and not later. After this call, well… Guess who comes out of Megalo’s belly? No one other than Luffy himself! He kicks the crap out of Hordy, then the whole crew comes out like total badasses and episode 553 ends.
Yeah. He did.

Next thing we know, episode 554 gives us some flashbacks explaining how Luffy and everyone got there, and then everyone shows their respect to Shirahoshi and what she did. That’s when Hordy decides to show that he’s still alive, only to pull out his fiftieth speech on how much better he thinks his ideal world is, and then he begins attacking the crew with his 100,000 men. With this, we finally get some action as Luffy comes up and uses his haki to get rid of half the army by himself, only to say some badass words and then the episode ends and so does this summary.
fangirl Finally I remember why this is up at the top of my awesome list 🙂 These two episodes basically had everything I love this show for.
You know, Pappagu rarely makes my day. This time, he did.

First of all, I want to salute Shirahoshi for what she did. For her to try and prevent people from hating others, to go against what any normal person would do and to not say anything about her mother’s killer was absolutely admirable. I knew that Shirahoshi was going to be awesome, and she proved it very well in episode 553. Now all she needs is to call out some Sea Kings and we’ll be in business.
Next thing I wanna mention is how freakin’ awesome the whole crew is!!! We haven’t yet seen their complete abilities, however only seeing Nami create her mirage gave me some cool preview on what next episode will be like. Man oh man, it’s hard to believe that everyone will have grown so much that they can beat up 50,000 people without a sweat… Then again, Luffy by himself got rid of half the army… Of course, 100,000 men to beat with 10 people is a bit ridiculous, so why not get rid of half of them? For him to do that was totally expected, but totally awesome.
Why, won’t you look at that, there’s a humongous cleavage in my face *ahem* I mean Sharley’s hurt and we should all take pity on her.

I also noticed again how much humour there is in One Piece, and how well it’s done. I was laughing the whole way through, and I swear I never get sick of any of the things that come out of the crew’s mouths except Franky’s, just ’cause I hate him. But that’s just me. What striked me particularly was Luffy’s description of a hero, as well as seeing Brook ask to see Shirahoshi’s panties. Man, these guys never learn…
This is literally one of the most priceless faces I’ve ever seen.

Now, for the bad points… Flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks, flashbacks. Oh, and did I mention flashbacks? I guess I didn’t mention it enough, because we still get tens of thousands of them. It’s annoying as hell. Although doing this stretches out the episode and gives the chance for the show never to catch up with the manga and have thousands of fillers like Bleach and Naruto coughcough, it still bothers me -_-‘. Another thing which I also found annoying was having Hordy laugh for 20 minutes and say speeches where he only repeats himself and tries to prove how great he is when he really isn’t. He’ll get his ass kicked soon anyways, so why make him waste that much air time?
So, overall, awesome episodes, full of humour, badassery and emotional moments, now all we need is some awesome action, and next episode will give it to us. Y’all should be happy! 😀 I know I am.