Who shall win the princess’ hand? Can a card turned mean a fate changed?

The Arcana mafia family runs the island of Regalo, which is located in the Mediterranean Sea. One of the Arcana is Felicita, the ojou-sama, and constantly under the protection of the other members of the family. On her father’s 59th birthday, he initiates the Arcana duel for his successor…and Felicita’s hand in marriage!?!

Kaitou’s Impressions:

Whoo, that was quite an episode! To say the least, I was a little scared this was going to turn into yet another derpy otome game adaptation, but there’s a slim chance this might be really good. After having ten or so new characters and powers thrown my way, I’m still drooling for more…yes, even the bald Dante and his overkill bazooka in the first 5 minutes.

Even though Mondo offers Felicita’s hand in addition to the title of “Papa” of the family (no idea why this name, I guess it goes with the Italian theme?), I was caught at the moment where he was walking away with Sumire. Sumire is Felicta’s mother, and she mentioned that there is one way for Felicita to win…which is obviously for her to win her own hand in the Arcana duel. She’s really strong, and despite getting thrashed in front of the whole family by her father, she’s willing to stand up and go again, rather than pout and wait for someone guy to save her. I hope they write her character with life and strength, because, if not, she’s going to get overpowered in a show full of weapon-wielding bishonens.

Fanservice-> OMG Nova and Liberta? “The Fool and the Chickpea” sounds like a fairytale, doesn’t it? AND ALL THOSE BACK SUITS. OK, Jolly rubs me the wrong way because he doesn’t seem to care for Felicita, but I have to say, ZOMG OVARIES EXPLODING FOR EVERYTIME HE TALKS. Fanservice…? I SAY BRING IT. Despite the family being a “mafia,” they don’t seem like it. They dress in black, hang out together but overall, they’re not breaking any laws. In fact, the citizens seem to be on their side, as the Arcana family protects them from worse things.

My head is still spinning from all the characters. I’d have to say, out of all the guys, the one that seems to be the most honest and earnest is Liberta, but yeah, he is the dumb one. You never know, though…Tamaki if Ouran High School Host Club did get the girl in the end. ;D

ORRRR Felicita will flip all the guys and win this thing herself. Despite the overkill on all the fighting, and the weirdest sprinkling of Italian phrases, this promises to be a female fanservice show that (hopefully crosses fingers) won’t disappoint.

Likelihood of Watching: HELL’S YES, MY OVARIES ARE READY

Likelihood of Blogging: High


Myst’s Impression

Well, I didn’t think I’d be hyped up by this, but I am! Nice premise, good storyline, hot bishies and funny moments, could this RomCom get any better? Now all we need is for J.C. Staff not to screw this up like they did so many other shows, and we’ve got ourselves a really fun show to watch! This is carefree, it’s fun, and OMG THE EYECANDY!!! Really hot guys fighting with supernatural powers and awesome weapons? My heart is satisfied!

So far, I thought at first Nova was going to be the main guy, however Liberta also seems to have had a lot of air time, so we’ll have to see about those two. In the end though, my fave remains to be Jolly, because OH MY GOD THAT VOICE AND THOSE LOOKS. He looks too mysterious, I love him already.

Anyways… As for blogging, I do believe I will leave it for Kaitou, not only because I already have enough shows, but also because Kaitou seems to be gone in her fangirling world already. There’s no taking her away from it O_o

Possibility of Watching: Awwww yeah!

Possibility of Blogging: I’ll leave it to Kaitou