This show is disturbingly interesting. I didn’t knew exactly what to expect from it, A seinnen involving fairies and a post apocalyptic world.  This show could have been anything. And that is about what it is.

Those are seriously creepy

First of all, The opening is creepy as hell, those fairies creeps me out and I have a constant feeling that they will attack me in my sleep and slip my throat. I do not trust small 10 cm man who constantly wears a creepy devilish smile. In the opening there is thousands of them dancing around and longing to eat your soul.

The art in the show is fair. Which happens to be the lowest score on a scale from fair to excellent. It was not pleasant for the eye, but because of the content of the show, the art is not the most essential part and I can live watching a seinnen with mediocre backgrounds and uninteresting character art.

Double Penetration point makes you a grandma?

Now if we go into the actual content of the show, it is original, creepy, innocent and intelligent. It isn’t quite often that I see a show that conveys true meaning, a show that has something deeper than just a love triangle, swordsman fighting each other or school girl having fun at school.  Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita is a reflection on our world, it is a criticism that is shown from a childish and humoristic view. Using fairies to create a contrast between human nature and the mind of the innocent children of the world.

This was profoundly disturbing

Isn’t funny how during the episode both side of the problem were shown and seemed disgusting? No one wanted to kill, cut open and unfeather the chicken. It seemed gross and disgusting and no one want to eat a chicken once they have seen it. But the same could be said at the factory, no one wanted to eat the bread once they knew they were made of garbage. Yet in both of these case, we do it constantly, we eat chicken, we eat garbage, but we don’t think about where and how our food comes to be, we just take it and eat it.

While the show is definitively creepy and it is not for small child even with its childlike look, it seems great. It looks awesome, but it is intelligent and meaningful and that is quite the nice change of pace compared to all the meaningless ecchi and shounen  of this summer.

Possibility of Watching: Likely

Possibility of Blogging: Likey

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  1. Domino

    Pink haired girl looks like Yuno Gasai very very much.

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