This week on Binbou-gami ga….sexy gym suits and hobo priests! (and hobo gods)



Momiji continues her assault on Ichiko in the form of screwing with her popularity. Her entire day is ruined thanks to Momiji and her classmates begin to suspect her personality is a little different from regular sparkly Ichiko. Momiji even displays her terrible luck by hitting a baseball so hard it destroys a nice area of bleachers. Ichiko is at her wits in with this damn God of Misfortune! While walking home in a terrible mood she comes across a homeless priest who begs her for a place to stay. No he’s not actually humble or anything, and he’s obviously a foreigner. Also he’s a perv. Have I mentioned I’m a big fan of funny pervs, like Maria x Holic style, but creeps who actually have the gall to touch women without their permission piss me off?

It’s okay though the priest gets what’s coming to him everytime he tries to touch Ichiko so it’s cool with me. (She beats the shit out of him)

So the Priest, once he’s eaten about 6 boxes of food on Ichiko’s dime, actually does something helpful and gives her a Soumin Shourai in order to channel her Fortune into it (I know it’s happiness energy but that just sounds so dumb…) and be able to put up a fight against Momiji. Who is currently in her closet. And thankfully for Ichiko, not bringing a cat from the future. (I might be slightly obsessed with Doraemon)

Ichiko and Momiji fight after she recieves this and in order to stand a chance Momiji summons her own super powered misfortune personifications. Unfortunately, as Momiji explains, she’s so damn lazy that they’re lazy too and just go to watch TV. Thanks to that Momiji gets her righteous ass kicked and then literally kicked out Team Rocket style. Ichiko’s happy to get rid of her but her house is now full of her fortune animals and Momiji’s zombie warriors plus the pervy priest who keeps talking about his mother so….she isn’t exactly jumping for joy.

Momiji however is pissed. She can’t believe that Ichiko is kicking her ass so thoroughly, and so she becomes to determined to solve the matter on her own. And then she just goes right back to Ichiko’s house which pisses Ichiko off hurrr.
This week was still good, the references being pretty fucking hilarious. Not a lot of American people will get my favorite joke of the episode (Doraemon is so cute…) but there’s sooo many references you only need to be an anime fan to get. And the rest are just cute as hell. The beginning was really strong but I’m tired of just seeing Momiji get her ass beat, and the last episode was kind of reminiscent of this but it actually had something serious. I’ll be waiting until next week to see Momiji get on kicking Ichiko’s ass track and less of Ichiko’s being groped by the creepy priest.

And hopefully more Doraemon hurrrrrrrrr