I have no idea what went into Taichi’s mind, but that isn’t wrestling anymore, it is masochism. Who would kick himself in the balls ! I understand that he was trying to show Yui how fragile a guy can really be and how easy they are to completely shut down if anything happens. But why would he do it on himself ! Now I’m not even worried about the intense paralyzing pain that he has to endure himself, yes it hurts like nothing else, but it only last a couple of hour and it is gone. No, what I’m really worried about is the long-term consequence that can happen because of it. Infertility, ejaculation problems, maybe even cancer. I’m no doctor, but I’m a guy and I can tell you that it really isn’t a good idea to have your testicles crushed, no matter the circumstance.

I understand that it might have seemed like a great way to cure Yui from her Androphobia, but there is always a limit to what you should do for someone and that was clearly past that limit. Just how insane do you have to be to put your personal health aside for someone you barely know. And this isn’t just general health either, it is your testicles ! you only have two and they are fragile and they are needed if you want to reproduce. Don’t mess with those.

Having said all that, Aoki must be the saddest person on earth right now. It is already hard enough to be rejected by the one you love, but when that person not only reject you, but have a phobia of touching you…it is even worse. His chances with her are even lower now that he knows that she is afraid of guys (she might very well be even more afraid of him in particular, since he is constantly hitting on her). Although Yui has some good reason to be Androphobic, I feel like it wouldn’t have hurt to have her been actually raped instead of only nearly raped. If you have to introduce drama into a characters past, at least try to make it to the fullest to make her more interesting.


Finally we saw that not only Yui had her problem, Inaba collapsed from who knows what at the end of the episode. I don’t know what those girl do with their life to be in such bad shape psychologically and physically, but they sure look really weak. At least the guys look like they know what they are doing with their life and they don’t appear to be close to collapse or explode when you look at them, I guess it is only a question of time for them too.

ZeroG signing off