“I wasn’t fit for being the council president at all.” – Jikugawa Souji


Nonoha saw Chieno, the vice president, looking so down and when she asked what is wrong, she heard some bad news. Jikugawa is planning on resigning as their school’s council president and is also quitting the puzzle club which leads the school into a mess where everyone aims to become the next council president and the next puzzle club president.

Although that was one part of the story and second part was about his reason why he did so. He was actually invited by the Orpheus order and to become the test subject for the beta version of the Orpheus armband that they are trying to duplicate as they told him that he’s the most suited to become the phi brain due to his abilities to create puzzles and can solve them. He already made up his mind a few episodes ago for trying it out also because he thinks it is the only way for him to help out the group but he has to cut his connections beforehand.

The group chased after him when Nonoha found him entering the mountains where Kaito first solved a sage puzzle and where he obtained the Orpheus armband. They ended up meeting him, already wearing an Orpheus armband around his left wrist and already activated, and he invited Kaito for a puzzle duel.

His puzzle, as expected, is truly awesome a beautiful and Kaito ended up enjoying it instead of being threatened by the bomb which everyone might already think was a fake from the very begining. As Jikugawa did promise Cubic, The Edison, beforehand that he won’t let the arm band control him, he is still the same Jikugawa that everybody knows but that is until the armband was on its peak and Kaito noticed that Jikugawa’s mind was already been eaten by the replica.


At first, I was like, “Ohhh, it’s Jikugawa, he knows what he is doing.” But after hearing the reason why he would, I was like, “OH MY GAAWWDDD WHYYYYY?! DAMN YOU ORPHEUS!” and everything goes like ranting more and more. Being rejected by the Orpheus armband was already something for Jikugawa to deal with and for him to be a testing subject is just too much. He doesn’t really need to sacrifice himself even though I like his idea very much!

ANNNDDD I really, really thought that he is Minataur. Was that just a bluff by him again? Because I was seriously have fallen into that joke if it was. >.>

He’s my favorite character, excluding Cubic from the list, so I am a bit worried. But I seriously like the beta Orpheus armband color, silver, and my favorite. <3 Setting that aside, he seems to be just the usual Jikugawa except saying things that I don’t want him to say.

Also, one good thing about this episode is Rook and Bishop’s first appearance in season 2, episode 12!!! I seriously missed their pairing and for them to be solving a puzzle together with a very cool pose was really heart-swinging! I was like, jumping in joy when I saw them in the scene! Of course these two geniuses are also investigation the Orpheus Order and came out with the same results as to Kaito’s group.

And then, of course, the fight between Einstein and Newton!!! The second battle that I was been waiting for since season 1! As far as Galileo x Einstein battle back at the first season was entertaining enough, this one has been my vote since the beginning.

Yes, I know that Jikugawa’s character on the first few episodes of season 1 was a little lame but then when you know his story, as the reject by the Orpheus armband, you would gladly change your impression of him and will be like, “Ohhh, so maybe a battle with the reject and the hero would be nice.” Although I didn’t expect it to happen on the second season, still. OTL

Jikugawa, so far has been a great character and even though he keeps secrest from his close friends, he is still awesome as he is but he needs more exposure. I just always see him in the corner and smiling and thinking positive and, etc. lol