…Or apparently not, if you stay quiet for too long.


Samui and Atsui come to the aid of Darui, who begins fighting Kinkaku and Ginkaku, however are quickly overpowered by the brothers and cursed, with their favourite words becoming taboo. Both are tricked into getting sealed into the Benihisago, and Darui is left fighting the brothers by himself. Almost getting sucked in too, Darui manages to change his most used word in midair, and catches Ginkaku by surprise, cursing and managing to seal him in. Enraged, Kinkaku transforms into tailed beast mode, and goes on a wild rampage.

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I did complain about the lack of action last week, so I was pleased to see my prayers answered in what was quite an action-packed battle, with pretty fast pacing as well. While Kinkaku and Ginkaku are certainly bigshots, we’ve gotta remember that Darui is pretty strong himself, and should be able to fight on par with these brothers as the Raikage’s right-hand man. The brothers themselves are absolute monsters that would have wrecked havoc had they not been beaten at their own game – they survived being eaten by the Kyuubi for 2 weeks (why were they still alive?) and nearly killed the Second Hokage. It seems that in Naruto, all the insanely powerful people tend to be the bad guys, save Naruto himself.

The tools of the Rikudou Sennin were really unique, and oddly enough, 3 of them are almost useless by themselves, and require the aid of the other ones to make it effective in battle. That takes a ton of chakra, Darui finding that out the hard way. The whole concept behind overused words made it a nice trick that had the battle rely on brains rather than brawn, though we’ve had a few of those kinds of fights in the past, Shikamaru vs Hidan being one of them. A person’s “most used word” actually reminds me of select useless characters whom I’d definitely love to curse and stick in a pot. In particular, someone that goes “KUROSAKI-KUN, KUROSAKI-KUN”.

Poor Atsui and Samui. Especially Samui and her huge boobs. Ironically, the most used words of those three are actually their names, with Darui meaning drab, Atsui meaning hot and Samui meaning cold (or cool, I guess). I don’t know if it was just me or if it was actually glaringly obvious, but those three words kept cropping up almost forcefully throughout the ep, as if they were trying to enforce the fact that those were their favourite words. The concept is quite overpowered actually, since one hit from the Kokinjo makes you stay still as you spit out your soul, letting the user easily curse it with the Shichiseiken. In Atsui’s case it was just cause he was too nooby, while with Ginkaku he was just unlucky I guess.

Darui really was gar enough to change his taboo word as he was getting sucked into the pot, which is about as badass as it gets. That and Gale Style: Laser Circus, which put the Chidori Spear to shame. I doubt he’ll be able to do much else in the near future though, seeing as he’s barely standing after losing masses of chakra, and it’s not possible for one man to stand against what looks like a bastardized nine-tailed Kyuubi unless your name is the Fourth Hokage. I wondered for a bit why Kinkaku didn’t have proper skin like Naruto’s eight-tailed form did, but then again he’s only infused with its chakra, instead of having the beast inside him.