At long last, after months of suffering we can finally see this show gone and for good. But before we do that, let us look just how terrible turned out to be


Animation & Art

I really can’t complain about the art and animation for this show. If there was anything awesome about it, it was how beautiful both the visual and sounds were. The scenes were always fantastically well made. From the vivid jungle of Vega to the great city of concrete on Altair, everything was made to perfectly reflect the beauty and monstrosity of both sides.

The character themselves were well done, they were easy to differentiate from each other by their look and Shrade was astonishingly beautiful. Same goes for every other character actually. Where I’m starting to have some problem is with the mecha.

There were different type of Mecha, different kind of union, but in the end, they all looked so much alike. They all had the same general feel. It kind of killed the streak of beauty when every union result in mecha’s so similar that I can’t differentiate any of them unless they have big screen with their name  on it.

The art and animation were nearly perfect, I will give a generous nine on ten and it is well deserved.

Rating 9/10


So, this is where things start to go wrong. The character looks really interesting at first. They all have deep histories, different personalities. All characters have depth to them, and I would have normally said that they were all perfect. But then comes a major problem. They are so cheesy. The characters are so typical, so over the top, they have such insane reaction to most things it is like we are looking at the most stereotyped character in the world.

Amata is such a coward at the beginning, but he found true love (note 1: it was love at first sight) and he became strong and save the world with the power of his love. Meanwhile Andy was obsessed with sex and boobs until the very end when he realized the beauty of love. I do understand that those kind of character exists in every show, but in Aquarion Evol, they were even more over top than usual. It just ruined all the depth of every character to realize that they were in reality the same as generic character X and Y from any show. Their depth was lost because of how stereotypical they were.

I can’t say the character were bad, but in a couple of month I won’t even remember 90% of them since they were so generic. I give them a 6 out of 10.

 Rating 6/10

 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

The first Opening for the show was incredible, same for the first ending. They were simply shattering my mind into millions of pieces while I screamed Osore ! When the intro started. I still continue to listen to this song every week, it just stuck in my head, never to leave again.

The second Opening was not as great as the original, but don’t get me wrong here, it wasn’t bad. It is simply that the first one was so awesome it as difficult to make something better to follow in its footstep. During the show the soundtrack was also just as amazing as the intro and outro. I was usually more excited because the music started to play than for the action itself.

All this perfection is unfortunately ruined because of the show second outro. While I loved every single song before that one, that song simply made my ears bleed. It was so horrible I had to turn off the volume most times because I simply couldn’t listen to it without getting a headache and having a sudden death wish.

Because of the mistake that was the last ending, I have to give only a nine out of time… so close.

Rating: 9/10


Here is where things start to go downhill. The whole story is so predictable that a 5 years old could have written it.  There were rarely any twist, people seemed to have a really bad time dying and worst of all everything always went so perfectly that it made me want to rip their body to shred. Things were so perfect that it wasn’t even meaningful anymore, the story lost his purpose and its voice. Sometimes unusual things happen in show to make the story go forward, but in the case of Aquarion Evol, everything was unusually convenient for the sake of the show and it became pointless and boring to watch really quickly.

The story was not worth telling to anyone, it was nothing new, nothing exciting and there were barely any twist ever. This get a bottom 3.

Rating 3/10


Overall Entertainment Value

The show was focused on such a perverted view of love while trying to promote the purity and virtue of love, that it simply made me sick. Either go all out ecchi and talk about sex or talk about real love and what making love is all about. Don’t try to do some weird in between to try to please everyone.

At first I found the sexual innuendo really funny, I thought the show was not taking itself seriously. But as thing progressed it started to dawn on me. The show is taking itself seriously, it is not meant to be a satire of romance and mecha alike. When I realized that is when I lost all hope and respect for Aquarion Evol.

I wish I could tell you how great the show was, unfortunately, while I enjoyed the first half of the show while fervently believing that it was all a joke, I later realized my mistake and now deeply regret ever watching the show.

Rating: 4/10


A visually stunning show, with incredible music. But it ends here. The show was so cheesy, so unoriginal that it will leave you with a bad after taste in your mouth from all the shit you’ve ingested since you first started watching it. The show is not the worst thing you will ever watch, don’t get me wrong. But trust me that there are some way better show to watch before you get so desperate as to watch this one. Trust me, stay away from it.

Final Rating: 6/10

 ZeroG signing off