Episode 9

Haru sacrifice himself and decided to be hated by everyone to try to save everyone he loves. I was not expecting Tsuritama to become that intense, if we can even call what we saw intense. Yes there are tanks and battleships roaming the coast of Enoshima, but they are all yellow with a big D on them. How can you take seriously someone in a big yellow suit with teletubies antenna on their head. I don’t care if they have guns or if they are super agent of the japanese government to fight against aliens, they look retarded.

Maybe if they were wearing dragon suits, black and red with big wings on their back, then I would take then more seriously. Even a grizzly bear…but not ducks ! Ducks are the stupid bird we hunt when we are bored, not defender of the earth. Maybe if we were to be protected by dragon I would be less afraid of an alien that make people dance around. How is that supposed to be a threat to anyone anyway? No one will die from dancing…well, maybe from exhaustion, but even then !

Episode 10

Everyone is off to save the world ! But the world doesn’t even have to be saved to begin with, Don’t you think earth would be a better place if everyone were to simply dance and not have a care in the world? After all there is war, crime, pollution and so many other atrocities that man do every day. If we were to just be mindless creature controlled by an innocent alien that want to see us dance, I think everyone would win in the situation.

Episode 11

If they are to fish something as big as an alien, I think it might have been a more intelligent move to just go with a huge industrial fishing net to catch him instead of a standard rod. I don’t care how strong that rod is supposed to be, if the JFX is the same size as Haru, there is no way they can throw him out of the water with only the strength of their arm, they are simply not strong enough to accomplish such a feat.

In other news, Haru finally said his last goodbye, we might very well have seen the last of him and I’m not too sad about it. The guy (or alien) was a pain in the ass since the very beginning, he has no talent, no social skill and he is dumber than a dead mouse splashed on the side of a road.  If he can save the dead with his life, it will be a win-win situation, since we get rid of all the alien at once and there is no one to be a pest and ruin the day for everyone else by throwing water at them.

The close the show gets to the end, the less I like it. I was expecting something so much deeper from the show and we received only randomness and a boring slice of life adventure.

Hopefully the ending somehow make up for the poor performance the show has shown up to now

ZeroG signing off