Campione! Episode 8: Rogue Hero Perseus


At night after a trip to the beach, Godou runs into Athena, who takes him across the sea to a nearby city in Italy, where he runs into both Liliana and a heretic god, Perseus, having been attracted there by a dragon’s appearance caused by Salvatore Doni. After Athena sets him up to fight Perseus, Godou runs away with Liliana but is easily pursued, being no match for Perseus especially after his Authority gets sealed.


Am I glad that beach episode wasn’t so much of a beach episode after all xD Fanservice is nice when you actually have an attachment to the characters, and becomes boring really fast in any other situation – it’s not like Campione! has had a shortage of boobs and erotic situations anyway. Cough Erica’s fault cough. What I found more interesting was our resident loli Athena’s return, and while she wasn’t exactly BFF’s with Godou it was nice to see them talking normally instead of trying to kill each other. Of course, she just had to be such a sadist and abandon Godou to fight another god, even though she could have helped him with or without the Gorgoneion. Either way, it’s not the last we’ll be seeing of her.

It wasn’t really Athena’s fault as much as it was Salvatore Doni’s, who randomly decided to break apart the Heraion in an attempt to fight something, though strangely we never saw him appear. I was also assuming that the Heraion was the relic that corresponded to the goddess Hera, so I did expect her to appear and got Perseus instead. Perhaps Salvatore or Hera might turn up when things get even worse for Godou, with him struggling right now and all.

I do prefer Liliana to Erica, if only because the latter’s flirting attempts are far too slutty now, especially when she first didn’t exactly like Godou before he became a Campione. That, and the fact that Liliana is one of the only girls who isn’t all over Godou (yet), the other being Athena. However it’s probably only a matter of time, given that Godou’s main Authority is useless on a new foe without lots of heavy kissing with various girls. And I think its time for a make out session, with Perseus (who is an absolute dick by the way) sealing Verethragna’s abilities. Godou isn’t having much luck lately is he?

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