Kono Naka ni Hitori Imouto ga Iru episode 6 & 7: Neko & Order


Episode 6 Impression

Mei is a genius and she really thought her plan through to make sure Shougo fell for her being his little sister. But she was unable to seduce him and she lost in the end. I must say that I don’t see Mei as a genius anymore, she is definitively a mad scientist. To wake someone up every morning at 6 a.m and then lead them to an empty room full of porn magazine, you are testing their control over their lust a little too much.

Here is a glimpse of the real sister, she seems older than Mei

Mei might not be Shougo’s little sister, but she knows her. Now at the very least we can be sure that she at the very least really exist. Of course we still have a while before we can figure out who she is, but we are now aware that there really is a little sister somewhere.

In different news, as far as we know, Mei invented two things. One of them is the moe voice feature on the phone, the other being the mechanical sentient cat tail. I don’t know what is it about those tails, but they are highly sensible to people emotions. They remind me of another body part who reacts easily to your emotions and raises to attention when you are too excited…

At least the café is saved now I guess !

Episode 7 Impression

I can say this with certitude, the little sister that gave that speech in front of everyone, she is not the real one once again. I don’t know why, but I just have this intuition, it just seem like this pattern keeps repeating over and over again. Plus, I sure hope that his sister is not stupid enough to reveal such sensible and personal information in front of the whole school and the board of director.

This isn’t just about teasing anymore, it is straight up personal defamation. She is humiliating him in front of big company representatives and the school direction, not even including all the students in the school. I do believe that it is grave enough for accusation to be given.

Now the school goes into a phase of stricter rules and there is the police squad running around making sure no one has any fun…err I mean is committing any offence. I can understand how trading porn magazine on school ground could be seen as a little inappropriate, but when you are telling people to stop flirting and loving others, that’s taking it a little too far. This isn’t Aquarion Evol after all.

But even if she gives out all those new rules and she claims to be an example, Rinka is just another closet pervert that wants to keep Shougo all to herself. She was nearly masturbating on-screen while thinking about him, she might act like a noble, but those kind of impulse are not related to your social status, we all have them. She needs to be less stubborn about it and accept those feelings.

ZeroG signing off

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