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Claymore: The Warriors Returns Overview

If you’re like me, you’re obsessed with Claymore. And if you’re like me, ALL OF THE FEELS WERE HAD OVER THIS CHAPTER.

For the past several years I’ve been a super huge fan of Claymore. I’m such a big Claymore fan that I own it, and didn’t just illegally download it. And more than anything I have been FUCKING WAITING FOR THIS.

Maybe you’re all unfamiliar with Claymore beyond the anime. Alright, let me give you the downlow. After the 7 year period in which the main cast was ‘dead’ shit has been going on like you wouldn’t believe. The truth behind the Organization, the truth of the youma, the badassery of Clare- damn shit son it’s been a good run. If only it updated more frequently….but at least it’s not Berserk. No, Claymore’s got all of my feelings. So this chapter the stepping stone for the WHAT I AM HOPING TO BE BADASS finale is here. The truth of the Claymore’s hideous wounds are revealed, and Clare and Raki are reunited.

Guys I just. You don’t understand. This shit was so long coming the only thing that takes longer is a spirit bomb. No, you know what’s even longer? The amount of time it took in Kimi Ni Todoke for Kazehaya’s balls to drop. NO, you know what it’s more like? IT’S MORE LIKE MY UPDATE SCHEDULE

Unfortunately only one out of the two was genuinely what I was expected and hoping for. You see, Raki and Clare’s reunion was perfect. Raki is this big badass now and seeing him be nothing like Raki felt weird. But then we saw him break down into tears and hug Clare and I knew…man I knew he was Raki ALL OF MY FEELINGS GUYS COME ON. It was beautiful. There were boobies everywhere. So many boobies. And so many feelings. So many damn. Feelings.


But then the big reveal of the story came up. We learned what the disfigurement of the Claymore’s is…and I dunno man. I think a group of crazy ass rapists would not be thrown off by a bunch of stitches. I know that they have basically raw living flesh sewn together in full view, and I’m sure it’s unsettling, but why didn’t she like…draw nasty rotting wounds there around the stitches? That would have been freaky. But these ladies are hot outside of the stitches, I really don’t think a bunch of murdering psychos would care too much about it in the end.

But even if it’s not the shock value I want…it sure as hell is cool looking. Do you know how much art there is going to be? TO PIXXIV

So now friends we wait and see. Personally I WANT CLARE TO BE SUPER FUCKING POWERFUL. There’s no way the new skin in her is Theresa’s right? Well wouldn’t it be badass if she suddenly became ultra fucking powerful because she was now half youma instead? Aw shit son HALF DRAGON. Guys THE POWER LEVELS THE POWER LEVELS