Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita episode 7: So many Watashis


Just like last episode, this episode of Humanity has Declined is set into the past. This time Watashi will meet with an important character, the Assistant.  The show really has an interesting way to tell its story . It seems that during each slice of adventure, we could be just anywhere in terms of time. First, we moved forward in time with the first 2 stories, but then we were sent backwards with the two next ones. I have a feeling that the show is having fun messing with us. 

Those little childs are worse than Hitler when he was moody

Now, today we learned an important lesson about the fairies. They are creepy, but that is nothing new. They look innocent, but that ain’t nothing new either. They really love sweets, but we already knew that much as well. What we didn’t know is that they enjoy cloning people and having the clones bake cakes while the fairies play with the head of a dead comrade. They look so cute and innocent,  until they open their mouth. Why do they have such pure and childish intentions,  yet they only  act in really bad and corrupted ways? I Still don’t even know what to think of those small monsters.

did you know that Dog is God backward?

Speaking of monsters, for some reason there is a Dog/Werewolf walking about this adventure, I have no idea what that dog is all about, but he must be there for a reason. Why would a werewolf be walking about in this world of fairies? I have no idea, but considering the show, I would say it doesn’t have to make much sense for something to happen in that world .

That was some pure randomness, I loved it

The same way that Watashi was cloned multiple times. Actually she was never really cloned, there just happened to be a lot of her at the same place, at the same time. I have no idea what exactly happened, but it seems that the fairies simply made all time converge to a single point. It seems that all possible times and outcomes for Watashi were all redirected so every single instance of her would end up in the fairy world at the same spot…so she could bake some cake. How wrong does that sound? The fairies used their magic and incredible powers to curve time and space and duplicate a person’s existence in a single universe…all of that, so they could eat some cake. Those little bastards have the power to control time and space and change every single law of the universe, and they use that power to exploit little girl into making them cake. I mean, they were able to create a magical banana, why did they need Watashi to bake them cake to begin with? Couldn’t they just make a cake instead of creating banana? Fairies have such unique way to handle things.

Eat that Banana you dirty girl

In the end, I think the thing I was most surprised this episode was how undisturbed Watashi was when she was face to face with dozens of copies of herself, she didn’t seem to react to the situation at all. It goes a long way just to show you how fucked up her life usually is.

ZeroG signing off

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