Sakai Wakana is now officially a part of the choir club! She decides to finally participate in the activities, which now consist in getting ready for the White Festival, which is a culture festival no, white rhinoceroses don’t actually appear (sadly). With this, the club is unsure what they’ll do, until the other Choir Club comes in to be bossy bitches, which makes Konatsu’s club want to beat them for sure, and they decide they will try their best to overcome them despite their huge disadvantage.

…I knew he was gullible, this this…

…How the hell did it end up like this?

After the club meeting, Sawa gets home, and her father is mad about a letter she received form a horseback-riding camp she wants to go to. With this ensues a big argument which doesn’t resolve itself, causing Sawa to feel down at school. Konatsu, feeling bad for her friend, tries to figure out what’s wrong, and assumes that it’s all about a guy.
In the end, Sawa faints while practicing for the choir club, since she hasn’t been eating at all these days, and she also falls from her house during archery practice.
Meanwhile, the Director of the school meets with a suspicious CEO who seems to be willing to have plans with the school, plans which involve construction and a lot of money involved.

…What is this, a personality switch?
Sakai’s happy! And singing! And I can finally see how she looks like her mom!
I mean, just look at how adorable she is 🙂

While Sawa’s now as depressing and deprived of expressions as Sakai used to be…
Honestly, after having seen Sawa so energetic and joyful, it’s quite a blow when we see her depressed like this, and it makes us realize just how much she cares for her future as a horseback rider. What’s surprising, however, is that even during times of depression, it’s easy to see that she’s still trying her best and attempting to go against everyone who’s up for a fight. Unlike Sakai, who kept running away from her troubles, Sawa has a tendency to face them right on to try and fix them. Unfortunately, this time the chances are against her… Her parents won’t accept her dream, the riding school won’t accept her dream, heck, now she even fell from her horse and there’s no way for us to know that she’ll recover well enough to be able to ride horses anymore. Everything points to a bad outcome, so I hope things will straighten up from her! I feel bad now, she used to be so lively…
If I was to take an opinion on her problems though, I must admit that her parents are right, despite them being a bit too much on the extreme side. Rather than leave it as a hobby forever, I’d suggest that she goes for it, however it’d be very useful for her to have a backup plan just in case. Since there’s no guarantee that she’ll make it, just like the person on the phone rejected her, it’d be good for her to have something else in reserve, that way she wouldn’t be stuck in the gutter forever. I’m a bit curious to know how this will end, however I believe that it’d be a bit too easy if suddenly she was accepted into her school and became famous just like that. It’s a bit… Cheezy, hard to believe and completely unrealistic?
Now, taking that away, the rest of the episode was pretty much jokes and trolling all around… Konatsu brightened up this episode so much just with her delusions about Sawa’s problems. I can’t wait until the misunderstanding clears out, this should be really funny. I also like seeing her troll Wien around, I mean, he’s so gullible, it was an extremely funny joke to pull and now I kind of wish a rhinoceros would actually come out from somewere. You know, they could center the musical around that or something…
Next episode = MOAR DRAMA always

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  1. Bob

    Such cute pics of Sakai ♥♥
    Gawd, dat preview of next ep.. Sawa why T________T

    1. Myst

      Seriosuly, I had a Sawa obsession since she was so pretty, but since last episode it’s been Sakai overflowing with prettiness all the time!!! And yeah, next episode should prove interesting…

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