Luffy uses Harden!

It’s super effective!


Eyeing the Noah, Neptune freaks out, while Hordy gets up from Luffy’s punch, pissed as hell. Their fight begins, finally showing us some of Luffy’s new powers, until the whole island gets covered in shade by the ship Noah. It causes everyone to run away like crazy, scared because the ship is about to crush them all, and the few people left only wonder if that is part of Hordy’s plans.

PFFT. Nothing to be scared about.

Since the ship follows Shirahoshi, she decides to get away from the island in order for the ship to follow her and not crush the island, which causes Luffy to jump up and try to go save her. He receives a bubble blower from Jimbei and ventures out in the water, however Hordy, being a fishman, owns his face and pops his bubble, leaving him endangered and on the verge of drowning. Fortunately for him, Prince Fukaboshi saves the day, and they attempt to run away from the steroid-packed Hordy.
When Decken laughs loudly enough for everyone to hear, Hordy and Luffy both try to hurry on the ship. Hordy gets there first, and decides to stab Decken, wondering if the ship will stop following shirahoshi if Decken dies.
Aaaaaaawwwww Yeaaaahhh

My heart is tingling, these two episodes were really cool!
To start off, I’m glad we finally saw some of Luffy’s powers. After seeing all of the other crewmembers fight a bit, it was only natural for it to be his turn, and what we were shown was really flashy, and just proved how much Hordy was a wimp. Luffy’s “Armament Haki” really adds offensive as well as defensive power, and how he could avoid everything with the Avoiding Haki was even better. Of course, he won’t be the only one having this haki power in the New World, but the idea that he has the Conqueror’s haki means that his is propably stronger than anyone else’s. Also, heck, Luffy’s imagination goes wild with new techniques, so I guess he probably found some crazy awesome shit that no one can copy.
…That… Doesn’t look like she was stabbed by a knife…

Changing subjects, the Royal Family pretty much redeemed itself completely! Prince Fukaboshi litterally saved Luffy’s ass by a hair, the other 2 saved Shirahoshi by another hair, and Shirahoshi saved Merman Islands by 20,000 hairs. Man, that woman is much stronger than I expected her to be. Forgetting her cowardly nature, she proved that she would do anything to save her country, as a real Queen would do. Of course, she isn’t there yet, but when she is, she’ll be more than ready for it. It’s kind of crazy how much the battle against Hordy completely transformed her. She literally went from a crybaby and a coward to a really freakin’ badass mermaid princess. She looks a lot more like Otohime the way she is now…
Next episode should prove to be interesting, I’m actually really curious to know the answer to Hordy’s question: If Decken dies, what happens to the ship? Honestly, I think it’d be too easy if it were to stop following Shirahoshi, considering One Piece never works out the easy way. My guess is that Decken will die and the ship will keep going, cutting out one of the ways that could actually stop the ship, leaving Shirahoshi and Luffy even more in deep shit.
…But we’ll only know about that next episode. Therefore, I shall take my leave~
Goodbye everyone ;_;