It’s a convention! It’s awesome! And, it also happens to be the closest convention I can attend. Therefore, I go.


Despite Otakuthon being a much smaller convention than Anime North and some of the bigger ones in the States, I can’t really say I was disappointed by what I saw and attended. I was actually somewhat surprised by some events, due to them being better than what I saw at Anime North, which is the only other convention I can compare it to.
Sincerest apologies for the wall of text, but I thought it better to put the pictures at the end of the review
Day 1: Contests, contests and more contests!
Guess what I did? 😀
Yeah, so there was nothing which interested me much on Friday, so I hung out in the contest room and wandered around a lot.
1) Otaku Skit Show: It was… Okay, I guess. Many skits were fine, but it seems like the only ones I can remember are the “creating a cosplay” one (which was awesome) and the Harry Potter one (which was awful). I might have bad memory, but I have a tendency to remember what I like, which says a bit about the Show. But, I mean, it’s a small convention, I won’t be a bitch and start hating on everything ’cause it’s too amateurish, it was still pretty funny. Good job to everyone! 🙂
2) Create That Anime: I wish I’d had the improvization skills to create an anime that quickly with the stereotypes given. I swear, what they give is so damn ridiculous and impossible to do! Yet, some people accomplished it. Big props to everyone who participated, especially the one who made a doll help a guy flirt with women… That was funny as hell.
3) Anime Mystery Dating Game: After watching a big part of it, I still don’t know if I should like this contest or if I should facepalm hardcore due to how ridiculous it becomes. This time they didn’t bring them on actual dates, at least. Because I’d feel bad for the guys who both picked the only guy. Man, they knew how to pull some crazy ridiculous jokes. I kinda felt bad for the others who were too shy to do anything though. These questions were so dirty sometimes, let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t the one up there. Also… Props to the pink-haired lady, I think you got all the guys horny with your voice. Seriously.
Day 2: A long but awesome day
Saturdays are always awesome on con weekends. ALWAYS.
1) Anime Name That Tune: I FAILED! I didn’t win. But oh well. Lucky me, at least I knew a lot of songs that popped up when I was up there. Fairy Tail, Working!! and Fate/Zero notably, and I should probably mention Elfen Lied, which we all failed at. I only remembered the OP, not ED… cries.
2) Josei: Shoujo’s All Grown-Up: This being one of the only panels I actually went to, I have to admit that it was interesting for a while. I got bored after a bit, but I still got many suggestions on Josei manga and anime, which I intend to watch/read soon enough. Man, I love Josei.
3) Food: nomznomz TAKOYAKIIIIII!!!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!!! I just had to mention that fact.
4) J-Music in Motion: This show is so underrated… I’ll admit that the singers weren’t Otakuthon Idols, but the choreographies were awesome and overall I loved the show once again this year. Unfortunately, there weren’t any boys band this time… sad face.
5) Masquerade: GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!! Awesome costumes, awesome ambience, and an even more awesome MC to host it all. Man, that foreign lady was crazy, but so damn awesome. Also, singing the Pokémon Theme Song all together in a room completely filled was freakin’ sweet. Just sayin’.
6) Game of Thrones: A Discussion Panel: Now, I know this isn’t anime, but come on. Anyone who’s old enough to watch Game of Thrones should watch Game of Thrones. It’s like Legend of Korra. Who cares if it isn’t anime, it should be mentioned anywhere and everywhere.
7) The 404’s Late Night Show: Hilarious, as usual. The highlights of the night were the mouse traps and singing Oh Canada right out of nowhere, as well as having that couple doing the picture skit. They should’ve shown up at the Mystery Dating Game, because they definitely weren’t the shy type. Oh yeah, also, Tentacle Musical should be made into a real anime. Just sayin’.
Day 3: Laziness
I showed up at 2, left at 5. Yay for laziness! 🙂 Actually, to be honest, there really wasn’t anything worthwhile, and the only thing which I really wanted to see was Otakuthon Idol, the rest really wasn’t stuff I was interested in, and so after this and the Dealers’ room, I was out and just wanted to sleep.
Otakuthon Idol was INSANE!!! After seeing Anime North Idol, I was expecting this one to be even more amateurish, however much to my surprise, it seemed like Montrealers all had freakin’ incredible voices. 9 completely amazing performances were given, and I give props to Korra, the girl who won, because her voice completely stunned me as soon as the first notes came out of her mouth.
Overall Impression
In the end, Otakuthon was pretty cool. The panels were a bit iffy compared to bigger conventions, but I found the overall singing and dancing performances to be much better, and some cosplays were really freakin’ cool.
Cosplay of the Con (self-opinion): Dalek, then Mewtwo
New acquisitions: Hellsing Ultimate Episode IV
Fave Event: Otakuthon Idol


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  1. Nicolas

    I was the Mewtwo cosplay. Thank you so much for the compliment. 🙂

    1. Myst

      Haha you’re welcome 🙂 I loved it!

  2. lostty

    It’s so cool to hear of someone else who went to Otakuthon! I plan to write my post for it sometime soon. Supposedly the funds were somewhat cut this year, and it actually kinda showed in my opinion….either way, I still had a fun time for the most part!
    I wish I had gone to the Otakuton Idol, looks like it was really good. I went to the Masquerade at least? The Saikano girl had such an amazing cosplay!
    I also loved seeing the Dalek!

    1. Myst

      It’s too bad the Dalek didn’t go in the Masquerade! 😛 And, considering it was only my second time at Otakuthon, I can’t really compare it to other times too much, but if the budget was indeed cut, then it definitely was in the panels :/ There was barely anything of interest, and the ones I went to weren’t that great, either.

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