Although Sawa’s injury is light, it has been decided that she will not participate in the tournament, since the club doesn’t want to be responsible for injuries that’s bullshit. At the same time, we learns that the equestrian school won’t take her because she exceeds the weight limit due to her being too tall.
To keep the bad news streak going, the Choir club loses their room to the music group, since they took it for practice during the festival. They all decide to go to Wien’s place to practice, while Sawa remains down and distracted by her thoughts, barely listening to conversations. In the end though, she looks too depressed and so her friends try to help her out, asking Sawa what’s wrong. She explains it, and Sakai suggests her to take a step back, which would mean “giving up” for a while, since she’s at an impass now anyways.

Quite a small house you got there.

In the end, she decides to skip club, which makes her almost miss the audition Konatsu barely managed to get for the main stage. Before she completely destroys the idea of going, she notices her dad trying to get her into equestrian school as much as possible, then gets a singing voice mail from her friends, and she eventually shows up to the audition with a horse.

Awww, how did the audition go? What happened? Why isn’t there more singing in this singing anime? D:
To start off with a huge sidetrack from the main topic, Sakai’s voice is definitely amazing as I thought, and simply hearing her sing that song to Sawa made me all happy and emotional I just had to mention it, after all those episodes hearing nothing. I also noticed how much Wien improved now that he actually knows which tones to follow. To complete the off-topic section, Wien’s house is humongous and Sawa is so damn pretty when she’s depressed. Heck, she’s just pretty all year round.
Now, moving on. This week, it seems like it was just one bad thing after another. Despite her dad’s argument with the equestrian school, I still have doubts whether she’ll be accepted into equestrian school or not, since things really don’t look good for her. Moreover, she had to forget about the tournament from her mounted archery club, and the the Choir Club lost their clubroom to everyone from the music program, which probably made everything worse. Golly gee, all that in a single episode.
In the end, I’m glad Sawa was finally cheered up. That girl is so bright when she’s in a good mood, I only want her to go back to normal as fast as possible. Having Sakai tell her to take a step back was pretty nice, considering she went through a lot herself. She might be the kind of person who’d take too many steps back, however Sawa is probably the kind of person who’d rather destroy herself completely rather than give up. Her chances are basically hopeless… And yet she still tries, which I find very admirable.
I’m kinda sad the episode ended with the ending song as their auditioning song. Not only is there not much singing already, they even had to take out more by using openings and endings for in-episode singing parts. Heck, I know they blew the budget on the animation quality, but I still would have liked for them to make more of an effort in terms of show quality. So far the art is the only outstanding feature of this show.
Next episode consists in getting ready for the culture festival! I’m pretty sure the Choir club got the main stage for their performance, and now all they need is a heck of a lot of preparation. I also hope we’ll get the conclusion of Sawa’s arc, since this week didn’t really finish anything despite cheering her up.

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