Thoughtful, Sakai asks for advice on music composition, since she seems to be stuck when writing her own. Meanwhile, Sawa tries to find other solutions to her weight problem than to starve herself, and Konatsu decides that, for the White Festival, the Choir (and sometimes badminton) club will perform a musical drama on stage.
Since this feat requires a lot of money, the club attempts to brainstorm on ways to get funds, fails, and then gets dragged along to become superheroes at the local stores. This gives them the money needed to fund their play, except that Wien gets really into it, forcing them to actually force themselves into looking like actual superheroes.
Meanwhile, the Vice-Principal learns of bad news, however she only has time to space out and give approval for the Choir Club to have a part-time job that the episode ends, leaving us swimming in a pool of curiosity.

suspense music Is the school being torn down and replaced by a huge mall? Hopefully not, ’cause that’d be ridiculously over-used.

Facial expression = Priceless.

It seems like this involves the Vice-Principal’s choir club more than anyone else, since she seemed really affected by what she learnt. I guess it’s something we’ll only figure out later on, when they actually tell us.
Anyways. Most of this week’s episode was about Wien and Sakai, one being very serious and the other one just ridiculously funny. Sakai’s composition block is something which I believe happens to everyone some day, especially to someone who seems to enjoy following patterns and things which are already done. It might be just a self-opinion, but I do believe Sakai is that type of a person, meaning that she’ll have a heck of a lot of trouble spitting out a song just like that, out of the blue. I do wish her good luck though, and I’m sure she has the ability to create something amazing (I mean, look at her mum).
I thought this was cute… Until I saw Shiho’s retarded eyebrows. Animation fail.

*eyes sparkling* No words are needed.

Switching topics, Wien suddenly gave me an opinion change in this episode. He went from a useless and naive idiot, to a really adorable naive kid. Oh man, that guy’s so freakishly cute. His love for superheroes, his happy moments with Jan and his naivety really just makes it look like he’s 7 year-old inside his heart, which slightly makes me want to meet him and tell him about Santa Claus.
Heck, even the way he gets cheered up is childish. He was sad about Jan, and it really only took one line from the Passion Superheroes for him to be all cheery and happy again. I do feel a bit sad for him though, since it seems like he was really attached to this kid in Austria. Whatever happened to him, I sure hope it isn’t something bad, but it seems to me like it’s a build-up to something which might grow bugger later on.
In the end, this episode was pretty light-hearted. I especially enjoyed seeing Taichi, the most down-to-earth man of the group, having to act like a superhero. Unfortunately so, this happy episode didn’t complete Sawa’s arc, leaving us with a random plot hole which I hope will be filled soon. Apparently, she’s looking for other options rather than to ride, but we barely heard about it in this episode…
Next episode: More composition, more superheroes. Basically.