Jack turns the game around by changing up his tactics and gains his ultimate power BURNING SOUL. With a close call and a bit of background help with Crimson Dragon, he defeats Scar Red Nova.

Jack sticks to his guns and turns the tables with a slight change of tactics (THANK YOU MAN, THANK YOU, EVEN THOUGH IT’S THE SLIGHTEST CHANGE, THANK YOU!) and reached his ultimate power and new fighting soul, SCAR-RED NOVA DRAGONNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM! *CUE TO EXPLOSIONS IN BACKGROUND*
Oh god, excuse me I need a moment to contain my laughter. Bommer, really man? Now you’re telling me there’s a legendary Signer called Burning Soul? Oh give me a break guys, you’re killing me!!!
Well what the hell, if he can’t be King anymore, why the fuck not be a reincarnation of the legendary Burning Soul~, the undying spirit? Okay Jack, I’ll accept that since it’s hilarious, and admittedly that’s the kind of person you are so congrats on awakening your TRUE POWERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!
We also learn or did we… I forget and anyways I’m pretty sure this is the first time we hear of the Crimson’s Dragon true name, Quetzacoatl. LOL what a complicated name, I’m going to stick with Crimson Dragon.
The soundtracks for this episode was EPIC.!!! Ahhh I love the track playing during the whole BURNING SOUL moment. I mean I have the OST, but I don’t ever recall hearing this particular track on it, and if it’s actually not (I’m going to double-check and mention whether it’s included or not in the final review), that’s pretty sad because it’s fucking epic.
Honestly speaking, that’s all there is to talk about for this episode. Really, just sit back, laugh, and enjoy the the BURNING SOULLLLL duel. I’m really glad that this episode was a lot more enjoyable than the previous, I liked the twist of events, (even though it’s probably not even a twist, my bias probably got in the way) and Jack’s new title. I’m crossing my fingers that Jack’s new ultimate power will help him win some more duels rather than having to depend on Yusei so much for the sake of victories.


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