Code: Breaker Episode 5: What Makes a Hero

“Heroes are heroes because they kill bad guys in the name of justice.” – Toki


Sakura and the gang was able to get themselves into the facility when the former two guys who uses special abilities blocked the entrance, showing what their abilities are. By the guide of Puppy, they were able to find one laboratory with blood all over and when Toki was able to destroy one door, they found themselves some children with no internal organs.

Later in the episode, it was shown that the Government’s research facility about special abilities had a change of head and that head experimented on the children, pulling out their internal organs for the sake of his daughter.


First, I just want to say this again. Toki and Ogami surely are the ones that gets along in the Code:Breaker’s group. Even though Ogami disapproves of it (maybe the cause is Toki’s lies), it is always shown in this episode that they are working together fine. Toki knows Ogami best and so does Ogami who can tell which are lies and truth on Toki’s words. So let me put this straight: They are not friends but they are good buddies. C’mon, Ogami, admit it!!! XD

Secondly, Tokis words of wisdom: “Heroes are heroes because they kill bad guys in the name of justice.” Surely, in this, we can say that Ogami is the hero (which is too obvious). But because Ogami keeps on saying that he is evil, in no sense, he is not fully evil. He just imagines that his blue flames or his existence as a Code: Breaker is the evil one. We know this and of course, Sakura knows about this; but because of this personality of Ogami that I like him so much. The tsun-tsun effect sure is effective against fangirls. Haha I am not sure about Sakura, opposing the killing, when Tabata have ended a lot of lives. I know killing for the sake of revenge is bad but what Ogami is doing here is killing the source of that “killing”. Because of what Tabata has done, innocent children wished someone dead. They are children! They are innocent! And they were saying “please kill him” because of what he did. IMO, whatever the reason for killing those children and calling them not needed is just trash.

Third, Mr. Tabata’s reason on killing those children:

  1. He says those children with weak special abilities are useless to the government – even though they are useless to the government, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the right to live. Adults, please remember the ten rights of a child. They are freaking important to the society!
  2. When he said that these children will one day become the hunting dogs of the government (thus, the Code: Breakers) – sure, they can but the thing is, Tabata doesn’t even understand what it means to be a Code:Breaker. Even I don’t fully understand at this point but the way Toki talked about being a Code:Breaker before made me realize it is not something they all wanted all along. Now I might have an idea on why 01 rebelled against Eden.
  3. Also, when he said it was for the sake of his daughter who needed internal organs – OMG WHY?! You said they will eventually be government’s hunting dog but his daughter is also one of the children with special abilities. He should be thankful that her daughter has reduced her chance to be one of those dogs in the future for having bad organs. Also, man, does this guys doesn’t have a general knowledge of the human body? How did he become the head of the research facility without knowing this?! And please, don’t reason me for being a father because, what I saw was not something a father would and GAAWWWDDDD that Chisa (his daughter) doesn’t even realize what his father has done and ended up trying to protect her father and hating Ogami (which, we know, he did on purpose) for it. Can I just punch those two before killing them? Like father, like daughter? Ugh, please. I was in rage while watching this part.
That stupid Tabata made Ogami look like this. Aaahhhh~~~ <333

One thing that Code: Breaker interested me are all the dark sides of the Government and the human psychology. Seriously, Tabata was insane and it was his one-sided decisions that met his end.

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    1. Well, I may think of Sakura as annoying by how she manages to steal the spotlight sometimes and her persistence but she has a point as well. Apparently, Sakura plays an important role in this series and that even she doesn’t know who she think she is. XD

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