Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Ep 5: Nanami takes over Mashiro Duty

Nanami moves into Sakurasou after Sorata suggested it to her because she’s in such a pinch with paying her rent and school fees. She ends up taking over ‘Mashiro Duty’ because she finds more than half of the things they have to help Mashiro with is unacceptable for a guy to do (such as folding the laundry etc…).

DAMN, Mashiro only ends up having to take retests because she doesn’t pay attention in class yet she has a freaking photographic memory and go from zero to one-hundred percent? Ahhh Sorata I feel your frustration.
This was a pretty laid back episode that focused on Nanami, who is working hard to achieve her independently achieve her goals. We learn that her parents, especially her father is against her becoming a Voice Actress (why am I not surprised…/sarcasm) so she can’t ask for some money to help her pay for her bills. I am almost certain that Nanami will end up collapsing next week because she’s pushing herself too much. She’s taking way too much onto her hands when she doesn’t need to in the first place. For once Sorata is arguing about the right thing, insisting that she shouldn’t push herself to this extant.
It looks like the 10th will likely to be a problem for Sorata. I’m sure Nanami will ask him to go with her to support her, or something along the lines. There’s also the possibility that Mashiro would accompany them and perhaps they’d go all as a group to cover everything all at once.
I like that we’re seeing slow progression with Sorata’s learning process of creating a video game. He needs to understand certain basic fundamentals about what the game is going to be about before he actually starts programming it. It’s great that Ryuunosuke is helping Sorata out by giving him hints and brief explanations. Speaking of that guy, I can’t help but be curious about when we will get to see Ryuunosuke in person. We see him on the promo poster so he’ll be coming out of his cave sooner or later.

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