Robotics; Notes Episode 5: Sister Centipede

“Can I call you Onii-chan?” – Sister Centipede


Due to having this weird message from his PokeCom, Kai decided to investigate about the sudden contact of a mysterious girl which lead him to various places with additional various facts by the help of Daitoku.

When he was out again to see if another message might appear, the girl contacted him yet again but this time, Kai manages to talk to this girl which calls herself Sister Centipede and – to Kai’s surprise – contains confidential back-up reports of the weird happenings around Japan.


So this episode, Aki seems to be on a break by being on Kai’s side since we’ve seen more Daitoku and Kaito scene. But that doesn’t affect my vote on Kai and Aki, okay, and plus, it was obvious that Aki was seriously jealous about the so-called “date” of Ditoku and Kai. Haha but let us also not forget the little fan service that our Mr. Pleaiades has given out. /o/

We got the chance to know more about another character to be invited to the party, Daitoku – Doc’s granddaughter whom he hasn’t seen for years now. She’s very soft-spoken and has this particularly shy personality even though she does karate. I wonder how she participates in karate with that attitude though – must have been cute. Not only she does karate but also as observant as her facts can be. She seems to know (or remember) a lot of things that has been happening, broadcasted on news and their surroundings which are actually helpful. This must be the reason why Kai went to her for a little help about his investigation of the weird message he got from before. I came to like her character but she’s a little too tepid to be to my fandom. It seems the Robotics Club will be a club full of weirdoes now. XD Although she seem to have a hate towards robots but I don’t think it’s really that huge of a problem.

The episode mentioned about the weird phenomenon that has been happening for years now – like how hot a winter can be and how freezing a summer can be in some places. This actually reminds me of the Global Warming that we are currently having right now but I just hope that the Polar report from NASA is not true (but even if this is just an anime and a sci-fi at that, I can’t help but to think such possibilities, you know).

Then we go to the highlight of the episode, the sister Centipede. gets notes and inhales Okay – This cute girl with long gray hair in pigtails appears on Kai’s PokeCom screen when being flashed on an empty area. She calls herself Sister Centipede and asked if she can call Kai “brother”. Sister Centipede is said to be a fully automated information gathering engine as a communication interface (Airi) installed on Iru-O Servers (used by PokeComs). Ever since Airi was first founded, it was said that Yashio Kaito is the primary contact candidate and thus tried to contact him a number of times and only had been through three times and was able to communicate with him the third time. After learning some facts about the application he just gotten, “something like Mr. Yashio or just Yashio” was able to read a back-up copy of a report about NASA’s secreted research on the sun’s magnetic poles – which resulted to some stated solar flares incidents whereas some of them register Kai’s memory, especially he is also one of the victims on one incident that happened back from 2015. The report was written by Kimijima Kou who the lady on the convenience store knows of. Well, based on her reactions he must be someone that shouldn’t be known by anybody.

The color on this scene is just too cool so I’m showing it.

Also, it was also shown that Misa’s (Aki’s sister) company is also trying to research/monitor Yashio Kaito as one of the victims of “SS Anemone incident” – the incident that probably caused our lead characters to attain the Elephant Mouse Syndrome.

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