BTOOOM! Episode 6: Fear and Doubt

“I can’t do something so cruel.” – Sakamoto Ryouta


The party that was attacked by the huge lizards went through the forest. Although Taira have been bitten by one of them causing his right leg to get poisoned. When they manage to get themselves away from the lizard by using the gas BIM, and when things had gotten stable for a moment, the three of them noticed a radar activated and then one of them were detected, making Ryouta to decide to be the decoy for the safety of the other two.


There’s really nothing much on this episode, except the psychological effect of being left out. From the previous episode, it was Taira who have felt such fear of being alone and in this episode, Ryouta happen to have felt the same way when he was separated from Taira who has the trunk of supplies and his BIMs. So it was like a set up of leaving a stranger behind and that’s what Ryouta thought. Although when Taira returned and saved his butt from one of the lizards, he apologized for doubting Taira. I completely understand that the level of doubt seriously increases when there’s fear involved. I’m not a student of psychology but this is already a self-explanatory that even an IT could understand from experience (but nothing compared to what the character on BTOOOM! are experiencing).

We also got a good view of the status of the party. Since both Ryouta and Taira don’t know anything of the girl, name and intentions, they couldn’t really trust her. Of course, since the fear that she might be targeting them as well increased the doubt on the girl. Basic logic. The same goes for the girl as well since she doesn’t know either of them and if they are also planning something behind her back and for her, who have bad experiences with guys, it’s rather difficult to trust strangers and… guys.

Pervert detected there…

When they found themselves an abandoned shed where they rested for a while and treated Taira’s wound, Ryouta seems to notice a stained part of the shed with blood that’s a few months old already and thus making he said that there must have been the same happening before their group was thrown at the island. This would be a crucial fact since there would be people around the island that they are not familiar with and plus they have more experience than anybody else.

Well, Sakamoto had that on thought of and it is seems that Tyranos Japan is involved in the “game” and not only that, they seem to enjoy the sight of the game.

And we skip to the chase of the episode, Ryouta, running away from the shed to distract the enemy, found himself being attacked from behind by another stranger.

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