Initial D 5th Stage Episode 1: DAT DRIFT [First Imression]

“What bothers me the most is that you called yourselves Project D. The reputation of our team was earned and improved by the hard work of all our members. It’s like a trophy to us.” – Takahashi Keisuke


Fujiwara Takumijoined Project D, a team formed by Takahashi Ryousuke, after graduating high school. Takumi’s downhill specialty, along with the hill climbing specialty of Takahashi Keisuke, allowed the team to win challenges in their tours of the Tochigi, Saitama, and Ibaraki prefectures. However, Takumi’s final battle against Purple Shadow’s Joushima Toshiya proved to be a difficult one: a technical win in a lost race. (From the anime itself)

Before the final race against the Purple Shadow, the AE86 needs a proper tuning up and that’s what Project D is currently doing and then a weird rumor appeared that Project D’s double aces are racing together. When Takumi went to Akina for a drive with his friend, Itsuki, there, they saw a Panda Trueno and a yellow FD with, of course, Project D’s logo, and came out two individuals that cosplays Takumi and Keisuke.

First Impression:



Well, yes, it was rather shocking to see myself getting goose bumps from a drift from Takumi. I know he’ll pull it through perfectly and I know he will be doing great with it but… it was so cool. Seriously it was! And the impact of the scene plus the timing of the background music was just totally perfect there! You have no idea how I literary jaw dropped there. LOL Look at me, trying to review an episode here but only talking about one scene so let me start off from the beginning.

Yes, this is a drift and it’s small so go watch the episode yourself to see the badass CG animation.

The animation is your usual Project D only it was digital this time. Yes, the racing and the cars are made CG and it stands out too much but they made the CG animation well so there’s really no problem with in during a race but it just… stands out too much – this is one thing I hate about a CG animation on a cell-colored animation. The art of the characters are surely maintained even though I was expected a cleaner one and yes, there are some derpy scenes as well but, never mind that. Come to think of it, there are some characters that had a better look compared to the 4th Stage but… Ryousuke seems to have lost his charisma, somehow… Overall, it’s something “Initial D” style for the latest season.

Who didn’t expect that m.o.v.e. will be singing at least the opening song? Well, it had been like that since forever and I don’t have any complaints anyway. I was always drawn by the rap parts. XD

Do I need to round the characters? Haha Takumi started the episode when he was delivering tofu again and at the same time, practicing some one-handed wheeling which he has having some difficulties with. He’s the usual Takumi and he still has that bored look in his face. Well, even if you haven’t watched the previous seasons, it’s not so bad to start with 5th Stage as well. I mean, I even have forgotten what happened from the previous stages except that I can recall the accident that Takumi encountered on the last race and about his father as another legendary driver. And when Takumi and Itsuki talked about their lives after graduation makes me sad since I’ll be graduating myself this school year and… and… well, never mind that.

We shall talk about the new girl! Yay! Well, I personally liked Natsuki and I don’t really hate this new girl and I don’t even know if this girl is going to play an important role on the series but because of the circumstances she has caused on the first episode, she might appear again next time so might as well talk about her, right? IDK and I’m not sure if she will be Takumi’s new love interest since Takumi did mention in this episode that he moved on a long time ago and he never felt lonely after Natsuki left for Tokyo. IMO, Takumi and Natsuki’s relationship was a little boring (or that might be the cause of too much shoujo that I was in to that time). So maybe this new girl would change that fact? In fact, I like how she manage to get her first appearance on the first episode and slapping the main character too! HAH!

Yes, see that slappatipoop there.
Yup, the world is wrong here. Very wrong.

Then, we move into the impostors. Okay, they won’t appear on the next episode or in other episodes as Project D’s Fujiwara Takumi and Takahashi Keisuke, the double aces but man! The people around them didn’t even notice that they are ugly. They don’t even stand a chance against the original double aces even if they are just going to fight through voices, and the likes. I can even understand how Keisuke feels and he said he’s going to beat them u since his impostor is too ugly and short! Haha The funny things in Initial D. There are just a lot of wrongs on these impostors. Not to mention I wouldn’t dare to imagine how would things be like if ever Takumi would throw his hand over Keisuke’s shoulder and call Keisuke’s name in a friendly manner. The world might change if that could happen.

Well, since Project D is a humble group of people, they wouldn’t really scatter some information about them and about their drivers that much in public. They won’t be able to walk around normally if that happens. You also noticed the featured line by the cool and arrogant Keisuke? Man, I never thought he’d actually say something like that now. He had actually matured a lot, did he? 8D Well, it’s about Project D, of course.

It was mentioned too that the meaning behind Project D’s “D” will be revealed. Well, you already have some ideas.

PS: Thanks Animax. lol

Possibility of Watching: VERY HIGH

Possibility of Blogging: I will if I have the time but since this is bi-monthly… sure, why not? (but delay maybe lol)

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