Sukitte Iinayo Ep 6: The Start of Insecurities

A popular model named Megumi has transferred to their school and immediately jumped onto Yamato in hopes to be his girlfriend. However even though he rejected her, Yamato being the nice-guy he is ends up agreeing to help out with Megumi’s agency who is said to have shortage on male models. With Megumi now in the picture, Mei finds herself feeling insecure, lonely and inferior towards Yamato as the public opinions weigh down upon her.

Nooooo!! Mei don’t cry don’t cry!!! ;A; Hang in there girl! FIGHTO!
I hope Yamato will notice, oh god- I really hope he does! ;^; I can’t bare to see Mei standing there like that.
I don’t trust Megumi by the slightest. Even though she apologized and asked to be ‘friends’ with Yamato and his group, I sense ulterior motives- especially when she appears to be one of those types that won’t back off so easily, even if the other party is already in a relationship. I swear this whole modeling session and asking Yamato to do a favor and step in as a model was a huge set up. The fact that the crews mentioned that she is way more into it than usual, and the posing of the session to look as if they are on a date and are in a relationship, I don’t buy it as a mere coincidence. On top of that, Mei and the other two were invited, and Mei being the girlfriend is being pressured now by the public’s opinion on how “Oh Yamato and Megumi are like the perfect couple!” and all that crap.
You could really see that Yamato felt really troubled throughout the entire episode. I could really feel how unsettled he was about Megumi’s character, even more so that she’s trying to be friends with them. He has been around these crazy girls, and he tried to deal with it quickly and efficiently as possible. His first bold and harsh rejection was great. I felt disappointed that he ended up apologizing for being so harsh when I felt that he acted out appropriately. I mean come on, this girl comes out of nowhere, latches herself onto you and claims that she wants to be his girlfriend even if he already has one. She doesn’t even care about who he is, it’s all about the looks.
Finally, my two favorite parts of the episode! :Db
Yamato was super adorable when he was flustered about and during the modeling session. And damn, he looks mighty fine~ with glasses!
AND OH WOW MEI IS ACTUALLY BAKING ALREADY?! I KNEW THAT NAGI WOULD HELP HER OUT IN SOME WAY! JUST TOO CUTE!!! Just, oh my god she had to use a hammer to make sure it was edible!! I really, really, really want to see these two bake together in the future!!!!!!


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  1. Being a fan of the manga, I knew this was having and Megu frigging torques me off to no end. She’s a pretty major walking stereotype though they work hard to flesh out character into a BELIEVABLE stereotype. I suppose that makes sense to an extent since as much as it pains us, everyone knows one or two walking stereotypes to be sure! Still…I’m super pleased with how the adaptation is going <3

  2. The thing about Yamato accepting Megumi’s apology is that she cleverly did it in public where a whole bunch of people could hear her, so if Yamato didn’t accept her apology, he would have seemed like an ass.

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