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After not hearing from Rikka, Yuuta hears that she is moving back to her grandparents and will not be coming back. While he blames himself for not stopping her when he had the chance to, Yuuta realizes that he received a letter addressed to Dark Flame Master that he had at the time set to be delivered in two years. After reading the letter, Yuuta finds himself reawakening as Dark Flame Master and decides to go to Rikka and drag her back.

Eva’s Final Impression:
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 12 Img0036*TEARS* Oh god, my eyes got all watery at the end there. The final scene was so emotionally touching and was absolutely breathtaking. It was absolute perfection for Dark Flame Master to be the one to ‘locate’ the Ethernal Horizon. Rikka has been searching for the Ethernal Horrizon so that she could finally have the closure she desperately needed to move on in life. All she wished to say was “Goodbye” to her father.
This episode, the ending, wow… What a beautiful way to wrap up the story. So eighth-grade syndrome is all part of defining who we are. It’s our self consciousness that holds us back, there will be the sad, the happy and an undoubtedly the embarrassing times, but that’s just being who we are.
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 12 Img0028The best part was hearing how eighth-grade syndrome had actually saved Rikka from her despair. Ever since her father’s death, she knew he was gone but could never accept it, and kept her true feelings bottled up to herself. Yuuta as Dark Flame Master is what inspired her to become the wielder of the Tyrant’s Eye. She was drawn to his powers and being able to be who he wanted to be and decided to try imitating it.
The Dark Flame Master letter Yuuta had written to himself and set to have delivered in two years was the biggest highlight of the episode. The sweetest part about the letter was that Dark Flame Master knew that some time in the future he would wound up as a ‘normal’ human being and he will have a different view on life. I find that really interesting because in a way it shows how one’s subconscious grows. The part of Yuuta that makes him the Dark Flame Master went into a deep slumber when he became ‘normal’, and was reawakened when the Tyrant needed him most.
Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 12 Img0018Kumin’s role today was totally badass. I was not expecting her to inherit the Tyrant’s eye and to be so… awake! Dekomori too, I was caught off guard to see her turning off the eighth-grade syndrome and having her hair loose, which by the way made her look absolutely stunning! Honestly I was sad to see it being pulled up into pigtails again by the end of the episode, hahaha!
Overall Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! is an amazing, badass moe show that had unexpectedly dropped the FEELS bomb which made us all look at this show in a new light. I had a blast watching this and enjoyed every minute of it. Even if you aren’t a big fan of ‘Moe’ (or at all), this is definitely the one ‘Moe’ show that you shouldn’t skip. The only sad part about this show is that although it’s an ‘Adaption’ from the light novel… the producers didn’t actually follow it. They used the base and the two main character and they made it into this. I can’t help but be curious about what the Light Novel would be like.
I’ll have the Overall Review written up in a bit. So stay tuned for it!
Vantage’s Final Impression:
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  1. AREY

    We can only hope that a season two will follow along afterwards after a year or two, whenever the second volume of the novel is released.

    1. MCAL

      The Chuunibyou LN was already finished with two volumes by the time the anime was made by Kyo Ani. In fact it has been exactly one year now.

    2. Exiitium

      As MCAL pointed out, the LN is already finished. The anime doesn’t even follow it though, as KyoAni had written their own story. They even went so far as to add and remove entire characters.

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