Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (42)

“Wanting to protect the wielders of special abilities is not an excuse for killing people.” – Ogami Rei


The bomb explosion continues but since the Code: Breakers can’t do anything to stop the bombs one by one because of the many implanted ones, all of them decided to go towards the Sky Tower, mentioned by the one sending them information about Hitomi’s location, where the Prime Minister is, except for Yuuki who wants to stop as many bombs as he can. Ogami reached the destination first with a broken phone but then encountered Hitomi, where his words can’t talk out things with him anymore, thus resulting to a fight.

While Toki and Kanda reached the base floor of Sky Tower, they were welcomed by Heike in order to avoid further intruders.


Is it me or this is just dragging a little too long? I mean, this part of the show is just taking a lot of episodes it is kind of pissing me off. I know they are all trying to show off each members of the Code: Breakers but that should have done justice already. But never mind that. Let us go back to Hitomi’s reason, added by a few more reasons in this episode, as to why he is doing what he is doing right now.

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (31)
This look on Hitomi is just… too sad… Q_Q

First, he wants all of the Code: Breakers to live as a part of the society – where “Code: Breakers” will be known to the people and they will have the right to have families and friends. Yes, it sounds really nice especially to them but to make things clear, THEY ALL BECAME CODE: BREAKERS KNOWING THIS FACT ALREADY. So, personally, there is really no point on keeping this act at all. As Ogami already said so from previous episodes, he joined the Code: Breakers knowing his own sacrifices in order to fulfill his goal: to eliminate all evil in the world. That means, he already know that being one of the Code: Breakers, you will no longer exist in society, you will not going to have friends like a normal teenager does, you won’t have to have a family of your own, and you can enjoy life like normal people does. But even so, being one of the six gifted Code: Breakers, you earn five allies whom you can trust with your life and then what?! – Two of them actually betrayed the group, doing things you can’t imagine them, doing. Especially Hitomi.

Second, as revenge towards Eden. We already know that Eden is hiding a lot of information to all of them. Concerning the state of Code: End and of course, covering for Hitomi’s request, framing him like he’s some kind of criminal. I do know that Eden’s way is actually pretty cruel and unfair to them but preserving some of the data is also for their own benefits. People will panic knowing such people with special abilities exist and they can eliminate people as much as they want since they cannot be judged by the law. Another would be, becoming known to the public, people will distance themselves from them since they are “dangerous”. Plus, I believe that all of the Code: Breakers only uses Eden as their source of information about their missions and stuff so that they can fulfill their duty: to judge those who cannot be judged by the law. Sure, Eden is secretive as much as Heike is to the rest of them but that doesn’t mean that working under Eden, they are worshiping Eden at the same time. There’s a big possibility that Eden might be controlling information for them but that doesn’t give a damn to anything the Code: Breaker does. Especially on Ogami’s side, if he sees one doing evil, he’ll do the job.

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (21)
Ogami, cosplaying Rin Okumura from Ao no Exorcist.

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (33)Third, he wants to save the children with special abilities that are under the government, being an experimental subject. True, what they are doing to these children is something unforgivable and they do deserve freedom but that doesn’t mean you have to kill people just to save them. Hitomi right now is pretty much changed. It can be that he’s pretty much pressured right now, being the only one who things the way he does but the thing is: what he is doing has already crossed the line. Those children can have a better future than Eden’s underdog.  They have better future outside those experimental walls but the way he does things are already unreasonable. As Ogami did say (the featured line), using people as your reason for killing people is just wrong. Because, of all things, killing is just… plain wrong. I just have to side with Sakura this time.

All in all, Hitomi is just plain wrong. His reasons can be tear-jerking but it’s still… wrong. D8

Also, I love how all of the Yakuza has been working together to reduce death and injured people due to the bomb explosions and how the police has been doing their job properly – yes, thankfully. I don’t think I’ll be happy to see another negative side of the justice the society is having during this much crisis already.

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (45)

Well, let us just cut the serious talk up to here and let us go to the funny things in this episode and a great turn of event right before the episode ends. First that I would like to discuss is my beloved Toki. YES, HE IS AWESOME AND HE IS MINE. HOHOHOHO.

Code Breaker Episode 11
Heike, glowing is already funny enough but Toki’s reaction when seeing him was even funnier. Heike, please do not turn into some character like Edward Cullen, please?
Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (37)
Oh yeah, who wouldn’t like this side of Toki’s character? Go die.
Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (50)
This has the most creative line in this episode ever.

Then we shall see Yuuki. He has the most childish characteristics of all Code: Breakers but I really do appreciate his special ability. I really do want his special ability, in fact. And I couldn’t forget how he became so cool in a few seconds that I almost fell off my chair.

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (12)
Acting cool like this, makes me want to rape him on the spot. A dangerous thing about childish characters is when they suddenly just become cool for a few seconds.

And last but not the least, PRINCE RUI!!!! I know you are still alive, baby and hopefully, I get to see more of your special ability on next week. 8D

Code Breaker Episode 11 -  (53)
AHHHH, MY PRINCE IN SHINING ARMOR~ <3 I cannot allow you to die without fighting seriously, my Prince. You can do better.

I’d really want to discuss about Yukihina but so far, there’s really nothing to say about him except his special ability suits his character. hahahahah