Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 59 -  (28)

“Haste makes waste.” – Wing


Phantom Troupe’s issue has subsided somehow and now Gon and Killua went their way to do their original intention from the beginning: To get a copy of the game, Greed Island – or so that was the original plan but because of some unexpected turn of events, the plan changed since both kids didn’t get the enough amount of money for the game.

They found themselves applying for the number of players to play the game by some auctioneer but then doubted their Nen skills. Therefore, both kids decided to train their Nen more and, of course, discover their own special abilities.


The new video sequence for the opening sure was shocking. When I saw Ging’s image I almost dropped from my chair, literally. I even have to repeat that scene twice to see that handsome face! Oh dear, oh dear and I saw one of my favorite supporting characters on it as well. Now, all that’s left is for this arc to go on its wheel and roll to rock!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 59 -  (10)Sure, the pace of the Phantom Troupe arc was faster than the original animation but then again, since the remake did eliminate some unnecessary parts and enhanced the story flow, it was good and I was pretty satisfied. Plus, Mad House is already gonna release the first remade movie: Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge on 2013 so it’ll be epic! Even though the Phantom Arc is the most heated arc I ever liked in this series, I also do like the Greed Island arc as well because 1. Killua’s electricity control, 2. This is something Gon’s father has left as a clue and 3. COME ONNN THIS HAS GOT TO DO WITH A GAMEEEE!!! I’m a gamer as well and since we get anime like Sword Art Online, Ixion Saga, Accel World and the ever legendary .hack// series, I’m sure this arc can be counted as one as well. Not to mention game-related anime is now trending very much.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 59 -  (16)
Isn’t this guy too cute?! 8D

We get to learn how the auction works too. Personally, I don’t understand how those hand-signs actually mean but some of them; I already caught up into it. Gon was learning about them too and not only that he accidentally just bid higher than expected for raising his hand. Of course, that’s one cute side of Gon and that’s the only way to ask anyway. It’ll be even hard to explain what kind of sign you are asking for.  Killua also caught sight of Milluki on the auction site trying to win the game as well. Meh, since the Greed Island is one hell of a rare game, obviously, the coding and algorithm used for it would be rare as that game it is too. If it was, it won’t be a rare game anyway. LOL Still, it’s good to know that the console also protects the players inside of the game and when I mean inside – they are really inside of the game and in order to do this, you need at least a memory card, a ring and is able to use Nen to transport yourself inside of the game. So much with the NerveGear and the likes, right? XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 59 -  (27)The game is also not that easy to log out into, unlike the usual online games featured on our anime of today. The game requires players to search for items in order for them to log out. But logging out is not the issue in the game. You also need to survive in the game, keep yourself alive, search for the items and at the same time, complete the game itself. Easy to say, right? But no – it didn’t even make our two cute boys to convince the one who won the game to let them be one of the players to finish Greed Island. Jeitsari, the one who says to be a pro Hunter and the one who survived on playing Greed Island before, is seems to be another key man in this arc as well. Well, it might be cool to ask this guy about Gon’s father anytime. LOL Apparently, he rejected our cute boys’ request. But instead, told them that there will be a screening for players to play the game five days from then and might as well try their luck on it.

With that settled, Gon and Killua spent their time training their Nen, accumulated everything they have learned so far and do something about their special abilities as well.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 59 -  (38)
You see this? Killua looks even cooler now. /o/

Killua actually has no problem with it but Gon is having trouble about his special ability. Tried asking Kurapika for help but then again all he manage to get information from him was that he lived with chains for days (AND EVEN LICKED THEM) and when chains are no longer anywhere near him, he has started hallucinating, thus producing chains himself. IDK if Gon found that helpful since he is weak in processing such ideas but then Wing (the one who taught Gon and Killua about Nen) explained it pretty well for Gon to understand. I guess Wing has this “teacher potential” in him. Meh, he’s an instructor after all. If Gon is already this strong while Jushi is… even slower than Gon to catch on things up? Or  maybe this is because of Gon’s innocence that he’s able to take things logically – wait, logically? I thought enhancers don’t think things logically. Seriously, what is Gon made of?! D8

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  1. Vantage

    Ohohoho I see Biscuit xD Anyway, the Greed Island arc is probably the most enjoyable arc for me – the elements within it and all the events that occurred pulled me in much more than the Chimera arc after this, which was exciting yet always made me feel a bit sick inside while reading it.

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