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K Project Ep 12 Img0028It is safe to say this is the first time since the beginning of the series where I actually felt something. We still don’t understand much about the characters, but together Silver King Adolph K. Weismann/Yashiro managed to deliver and leave an impact on me. There were two bittersweet moments this episode. The first was when the Gold King/Lieutenant and Weissman had a small talk. The second was a sad moment when Yashiro was talking to the students and mentioned how while they don’t remember him, it doesn’t change the fact they are his beloved friends and he wants to protect them. I think because we were able to see some sort of depth behind Yashiro’s character (particularly when he came to realize that all his memories up to a certain point were all false and he doesn’t even know who he is due to the amnesia), that some of us were able to get pierced by the FEELS. It’s not much, but at least we were able to feel something since it has been lacking throughout the entire series.
So while my prediction of how Colorless King came to possess the Silver King was proven true, there was only one missing detail.*Red is missing details that were clarified this episode:
> the spirit took possession of Yashiro first
> then after he killed Tosaka
> he was picked up by Adolf
> there the spirit swapped bodies
> when the spirit took over Weissman’s body, his heart soul (along with his power) switched over to Yashiro’s body
> and that’s where Yashiro was pushed off the airship
Thanks to the explanation of the spirit swap we learned that, Isana Yashiro was an innocent bystander that was framed for murder and was pulled into this entire mess.
However there’s a plothole. This technically makes Shiro an innocent bystander who as what seems to be the result: lost his memories. He was never the Silver King in the first place. The difference is that Weissman had transferred his soul to his body. But even so… ugh it’s quite confusing when you really think about it. While Weissman explained that his soul was in a deep slumber, a part of me wonders… doe that mean Yashiro shares a similar personality with him? It was specifically because of the Weissman’s and Yashiro’s similarities with personalities and appearances that made me even come up with the theory of the two being somehow connected so early on.
One more thing: Since Weissman brought his power along with him when he swapped places, how on earth did his body remain intact when the Colorless King blew up the airship? We’ve seen his body at the Gold King’s base, so unless his inviolable power still remains in effect for his body alone even AFTER he left it, that’s the only explanation for it because they made it clear that it was thanks to that ability which allowed Shiro to survive that fall.
K Project Ep 12 Img0011We finally learn about what the Silver King’s power truly is. His power is “inviolable”, making him immune to all external influence. So when he is to face the Kings in battle, he will be immune to it… or in this case when the Colorless King tried to take possession of his power and soul, he naturally dodged it. So basically if anything, he can use his powers to neutralize fights. There’s also a possibility that he will use this to (if possible since he was able to make Seri into a temporary clansman) to restore the Red King’s sword.
I also felt that when Kuroh explained that the Red King chosen to make his base at the school for the reason, and the Blue King has acknowledge it. It makes sense. The Red King knows he’s falling apart, he knows it, his sword is at the brink of collapses. He had chosen the school because it is an ideal location where he could minimize the surrounding damage and causalities.
There was one thing that I was disappointed to see left out: How did Anna evacuated the students? I know Neko’s power was being used serving as the illusion to get the message out, and so I figured she used her abilities to teleport the students… But when Weissman gave her the credit, we were left with a mystery. This is problematic because we barely understand what her power is. All we know is that she can sense Kings, locate targeted people, has some sort of psychic power that requires using her blood to make those marbles. It’s really vague.
Overall I found it a good episode. Despite of all its plot holes, if they can keep this progress up for the final episode next week should be a good one. I am looking forward to seeing Weissman’s plan, but it looks like it comes with the price of disappearing once again.


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  1. Kanon

    Somehow I get the feeling that this show is almost reaching its climax. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, since the show itself just started getting good xD
    And while we’re almost at (maybe) the end of this show, we haven’t seen any signs of the other 2 kings being introduced, though I’m curious about the (seems to be) personality change in Kukuri. I found it strange that she’s talking to herself, yet it seems that she’s talking to other people. If I remember it correctly (excluding Kukuri) it seems that the Colorless King is using at least 3 different tones. So, here comes my crazy hypothesis, if the Colorless King could posses others, could it be that those seems to be other personalities are actually the other 2 kings?
    Speaking of tone, I’m absolutely happy with Shiro’s tone change O(≧▽≦)O ワーイ♪ Unlike before, he sounds pretty cool and mature, and maybe because he already got his memories, he sounds more confident, which makes this fangirl squealing in happiness (*´∀`*)

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