Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 12 -  (27)

“Tree within the tree, great tree within the great tree, tree that has existed since the beginning, Tree of Genesis. My name is Kusaribe Hakaz. I am returning, returning to the future. To travel through time, by my proud name, hear my wish!” – Kusaribe Hakaze


With logic playing its part to psychologically attack the current main characters, Hakaze was still searching for the offering to do her ritual for her revival in the future. Sad to say that Samon’s offering was never found but a missile landed on the deserted island making Hakaze’s thoughts waver concerning the Tree of Genesis and its way on siding with her. Nevertheless, she still manages to return to the future.

Now in the future, meeting the two guys who have helped her go this far, the Tree of Genesis has started reviving on its own, originated not from Japan but some other country. Now that the two great trees are confronting each other, what will happen to the world?


I can’t believe everything that I just saw during this whole episode. Everything is so messed up. Even I, as a spectator of all of these, don’t know who is wrong and who is right anymore or which tree should I cheer for. Seriously, this is the only series so far that made me want to cheer for a tree. A damn tree that would eat civilization at its fullest and fight another great tree, not minding the damage that they are both causing to their surroundings, at all. For a tree, that sure is one great deal. Now I manage to sum up the courage that Zetsuen no Tempest is not your ordinary series that deals with magic. The magic in this series is more advanced than the usual magic we have been seeing through other anime.

Basically, since the magic in this series deals so much with logic, if the Tree of Genesis has its own mage like Hakaze, surely the other tree would simply has its own as well. But because the sped-up revival of the Tree of Exodus, the mage for that tree is yet to be revealed. Yoshino once asked Hakaze why she has such a heavy mission in her life but the only thing that Hakaze answered was like, she was born for the Tree of Genesis.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 12 -  (23)
A wild missile appears! /o/

The Tree of Genesis is obviously on Hakaze’s side. While Hakaze was having trouble on finding the offering that Samon has left on the island where Hakaze was stuck, a random missile just landed on the island. “There’s no such thing as coincidence in this world, only hitsuzen.” As Yuuko has been saying from xxxHolic. Hitsuzen was also mentioned by a couple of times in this series as well, especially describing the happenings that helped Hakaze on her own situation from the first episode. For now, it is safe to just say that the Tree of Genesis is on Hakaze side, resulting for her easy revival and easy win against Samon. But things just gotten out of hand when the Tree of Genesis suddenly grows out its roots and started reviving on its own without even the consent and ritual from its mage, Hakaze. It has been told that the Tree of Genesis is the one who’s going to seal the Tree of Exodus if ever it is revived and since the Tree of Exodus has started getting bigger and bigger with the sped-up revival, it would only mean that the Tree of Genesis would appear one way or another. But for the Tree of Genesis to work on its own without even the ritual given by its own mage is simply beyond the logic that Hakaze has been telling us, thus telling that the Tree of Genesis has its own way to make Hakaze’s life… easier? Or the Tree of Genesis is doing all of these for the sake of its own self since Hakaze was indeed born for the Tree itself.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 12 -  (29)
I personally fell in love with this scene. Maybe it’s because of the blue touch.

Not only that, the fucking Tree of Genesis dared to kill my two favorite shota!!! How could it?! I mean, they are the leading babies in this series and yet, it dared to touch Yoshino and Mahiro altogether and make them bleed to death! I was raging. With little information this episode blasted on my screen was already a mess and then added with this awesome twist of events. I simply don’t know how to react but to be angry. Let us just hope both Hakaze and Samon could help with our two boys or I’ll quit watching this show.

Speaking of Samon, his character change sure has a super quick pace. When Hakaze was still stranded in time and in an island, he was this awesome higher up of the Kusaribe Clan and the moment Hakaze has stepped foot in front of him (naked, to add that), he just stood there like a puppy and follows every command Hakaze throws at him. Sure since Hakaze is a princess and he can’t really beat Hakaze with a great tree siding her. Nothing, I just thought Samon was actually funny in this episode.

Plus, Aika…. Aika’s death is surely the key to everything here.

PS: Forgive me if everything written is hard to understand since the series itself is. I might consider re-watching this. @_@

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  1. Vantage

    Watch how Aika turns out to be the Mage of Exodus, though they’d better have a damn good explanation for that since she’s dead. Or…what if she’s somehow not actually dead after all? This show keeps turning over its own foundations to build new ones, then blowing our minds with yet more twists –> Yoshino and Mahiro’s disposal.

    Also, yay for nekkid Hakaze, who Yoshino seems to be quite smitten for xD

    1. Linzz

      I don’t mind shipping Yoshino and Hakaze…. I kind of like it. LOLOLOLOL
      Ahhh… Aika… I personally started to hate her because she just knows too much. LOL I hate those kind of characters. They are too perfect. PFFFT

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