“”What kind of lewd garbage are you trying to play in the classroom?!”



After Rika’s advances are denied by Kodaka yet again, she persuades Yozora and Sena into watching one of her BL-related movies, Homo Game Club which Yozora ends up actually taking a shine to. The next day, Kodaka meets a strange sister on the way to the Rinjinbu, revealed to be Maria’s onee-sama, Takayama Kate.


Ahahahaha Rika’s glasses were always fake? I had absolutely no idea – I mean, it does fit her character archetype of the genius scientist, but learning that she did it purely for troll reasons is surprisingly Rika-like. I have to admit though, she does look better without them, and I hope this change is permanent xD Without any prior context about her, you could almost mistake her for your classic, soft-spoken yamato nadeshiko – but obviously, a few minutes is all it takes for us to realize that Rika is still the same fujoshi we all know and love, to the point that she brought in one selection from what I’m sure is a massive shrine to yaoi/BL at home, a movie called Homo Game Club.

Pi689Apparently, it was edited into an all-ages version, but like Yozora, I approached it with much apprehension, and was reminded of her BL mecha fantasies from back in Season 1. Unlike Yozora though, I didn’t come off it crying (Yozora actually cried o.O) nor did I end up thinking that kissing friends are a usual thing for riajuu – but I do notice that she’s changing her personality slowly, bit by bit. In the past she’d never have acted that moe towards Kodaka, or even outright admitted that her judging a book by its cover was wrong – as Kodaka himself very passionately spoke out against, being a victim of this sort of prejudice even now xD Even while comparing test answers with Kodaka she didn’t really display as much dominance as she usually does – someone is falling in loveeee ^^ It’s never good to compare too much though, as you always find yourself doing worse than you thought you did. Of course, not all of Yozora is gone, and the personality she uses to interact with Meat Sena remains the same, where Sena actually managed to read out the entire H-scene of an imouto galge which just happens to feature a character that looks like Kobato. Well, it’s a slight improvement there, even though she still ended up running off and crying as she always does.

Pi701I must say – Takayama Kate is awesome, and I wish she’d been somehow introduced a bit earlier into the series as a whole. You know that something isn’t right when you see a 15-year-old nun drinking in broad daylight, nor when you realize that there’s someone out there grateful to Yozora, of all people. I do recall learning that Maria was actually a child genius, but her current personality has grown on me so much to the point that I’d forgotten she was even their club moderator, and technically a teacher – who, as per Yozora’s instruction ended up running around the school naked to repent for some petty reason xD Much to Sena’s happiness (for all the wrong reasons), it seems like Kobato will be making a proper appearance at the Rinjinbu next week!

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    We all know and “love”.
    Lol no.

    1. Vantage

      Not a Rika fan? I find her rambling more entertaining than, I dunno, Maria vs Kobato all the time anyway xD To each his own ^^

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