The episode is split between two different stories, a  different direction from last week’s introduction episode. Valentino is after an extremely valuable document with special powers. Taking the form of a board game, the Cuticle Detective gang, along with Ogino and the very touchy Yuzuki team up to retrieve it. After that, they encounter a stalker case that introduces Ogino’s wife and daughter. Non-serious violence and slapstick ensues.

The crazy jokes continue this week, and if you’re looking for what what I was, you probably found it. While the introduction of Yuzuki should have sufficiently whetted my desire for more guys in the show, the clingy nature of him wasn’t that interesting. There’s a general lack of chemistry between the characters, and this is the second episode in a row that Valentino plays the villain. While I really like Ogino, I’m still not that interested in Inaba. Although he is the main character, he’s just the same as everyone else in terms of character. I really hope they work on developing side stories, because that would actually help a lot with the characters. It’s not everyday that I ask for side stories directly, since they tend to not be very interesting and don’t advance the main story.

In a way, this was the side story for Ogino’s family. Somehow, the case managed to get both Ogino’s adventurous daughter and wife involved in the crazy antics. And somehow taking a key to the forehead doesn’t do any damage to anyone?

I did skim over Yuzuki at the beginning, and he’s not very subtle about his interest in Inaba. I’m more of a “developing the friendship” first route in anime between guys, and I don’t feel anything vaguely like OTP here. Why do I feel like someone just made this up randomly to see two guys together…but at least they make a half-decent team. The funny thing is that is takes so many people to catch one goat.

I’ll see how it goes next week, but I’m starting to lose faith in my furry boy detective gang. Intelligence and wit! Humour! Violence! We’ll see. XD